Aptoide App Store – An Interesting Alternative App Store


There is no dearth of alternative app stores for Android. Like all of us, Android users are aware, Google Play Store is the default app store for the operating system. In fact, it is the hub where everything that Google has on offer is available – be it books, games, apps, music, or even movies.

However, coming from the official source – it has a few limitations. That is exactly what prompts many Android users to look for alternative app stores. Aptoide App Store is one such option you have at your disposal. Is Aptoide legal? Let us find out in the following paragraphs.

Aptoide – What it is?

Well, as we already know – Aptoide is an alternative Android app store. The store is a powerhouse both for developers and users. Aptoide repository is the best when it comes to the latest apps and games.

In fact, this is the unique app store wherein you can create and manage your own Android app store. You may as well ask us as to why we need an alternative app store when we have Google Play Store. Well, our reasoning is quite simple. Alternative app stores let you check out the latest apps and their updates.

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The Aptoide app store has been considered to be the third popular app store after the Play Store and Amazon App Store. The app store is managed by a community of developers and users alike. They keep uploading their own apps and create an app store of their own. It boasts of a user base of over 120 million unique devices.

How helpful is it?

Aptoide comes quite handy when you want to have updated apps on your phone. Yes, we agree that the developers release updates to their apps on Google Play Store. However, most of the time – these updates come to some select regions of the world initially. USA and UK receive the updates in the initial stages. The next regions in the lineup would be Europe and then Asia and the Middle East.

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Aptoide eases the pressure out. It provides instant notification about the app updates as and when they are available no matter which part of the world you live in. That would help you download and install the app updates even before they are available on the Play Store.

And yet another feature we fell in love with the app is its free nature. Everything you do with the app is free..completely free!

The Interface and Performance

The Aptoide app store is quite easy to understand and follow. In terms of looks, it quite resembles Google Play Store. Almost all major features look the same as those on Play Store. That is exactly what makes it user-friendly. The home page is a nice arrangement of updates, timeline, stores, and many more tabs.

The latest version of the app stands at V8. The application works seamlessly across any device. It also supports rooted devices. In fact, with rooting you can automate the update process on your phone. Yet another feature that we would just love to point out is that Aptoide lets you subscribe to a store that you like too.

Yes, the apps in the Aptoide app stores are uploaded by regular users. But that should not deter you from downloading the apps for any kind of security reasons. Aptoide ensures your safety by scanning and verifying the apps that are uploaded to its servers. There are some apps that may be skipped from scanning.

We would advise you to go through the labeling of the app. Download only such apps that a label of Trusted or Verified. The app store is a quite perfect companion for your needs. It is one of the most secure apps you can find. It offers you a malware-free functionality.

The constant check-up for the security of your apps is one of the features that makes it the best option to choose for your app requirements. If you are a publisher yourself, you can make use of the publisher program so that you can publish your apps on Aptoide and earn a decent income.

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A few Pros and Cons of the App Store

The app indeed excels with its performance. One of the excellent alternatives for Google Play Store, the app works quite great. It could be a good idea to list out the Pros and Cons of the app so that we would understand its performance in a better way.


  • Aptoide can sync seamlessly with the apps installed from other sources. That would mean you get the updates from multiple sources.
  • The app is completely free with no in-app purchases.
  • The app offers you an option to downgrade apps if you wish to. That could be something that none of the app stores offer.
  • The global presence of the service is an added advantage. You can use it all over the world with support for over 40 different languages. In fact, it can be the best app store where the Play Store has limited functionality.
  • Huge a collection of apps is something that would definitely attract you to Aptoide. You can get practically any application you are looking for.


  • Though the app ensures that the apps uploaded to the server are free from malware, there still remains a small percentage of that may not be safe to download.
  • Some of the apps may be quite illegal. The app store offers a few cracked versions of premium apps.

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In Conclusion

Aptoide App Store is indeed a perfect alternative to Google Play Store. Comprising a huge list of apps – and that too updated apps – the store indeed is worthy of being termed as the third popular Android App Store.

Apart from offering you the latest updates to your apps, the alternative app store is the second home for the apps you love the most. What’s more, It assures you of faster and timely updates for any of the applications you have on your Android.

Have you used the app? If you have used it, do share your views and experiences with the app store. If you think of any additional advantages that the app has on offer, we would love to check out your feedback.