Apple Watch Launched in Seven New Countries

Many of us were waiting for the arrival of Apple Watch and it reached around half a dozen of more countries. Apple watch is ready to be sold in the stores of seven new countries. If you are looking for the best gadgets 2015 then is the one where you will come to. This new launch includes the following countries Mexico, Italy, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan and Switzerland and the other group includes Thailand and Sweden.

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The selling of this new watch is a bit slow and it is sold in the online market only, but apple is working to bring this sale to in-store as well. So we can say many of us will be having this watch on our wrists. As we know that this watch carries the tag of “best gadgets 2015”, this will surely gain huge interests among the geeks, youngsters and obviously the tech lovers.

So go ahead and get yours before the stock comes to an end.

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