Antivirus Software: Your Corporate Cybersecurity


Free Soft Isn’t Always Enough

Deciding on purchasing the antivirus software for corporate needs, people face conditionally two possible solutions: the most reliable and expensive (as a rule, at the expense of a brand name), or cheap, but, perhaps, less secure. Advertising contributes, and we most often cannot be beyond such comparisons. So, the solution which would be acceptably reliable and moderately expensive seems ideal.

There is one more option: attempts to provide corporate cybersecurity at the expense of free versions of the known antiviruses. For home users, such solutions can be justified. However, for corporate use – it is precipitate and even unsafe.

In this case, the question is logical, “Why shouldn’t you use the free antivirus solution at the corporate level?”. The answer is simple – this product is not provided for the protection of such type. It was created with another purpose. The functionality of free versions is not capable of protecting data of the company and providing efficient cybersecurity.

Antivirus Software

As a rule, free antiviruses are created for acquaintance and “testing” of the antivirus software opportunities. The user can install free software and understand whether the methods and logic of work of a specific program suit him, to estimate design, and to get a general impression. For this reason, such versions have the cut-down bases of viruses and simplified design. The possibility of manual adjustment is significantly reduced.

Advantages of Corporate Plans

At the same time, the corporate versions a priori more complex product. Business versions of antiviruses operate with considerable bases of virus signatures. Besides, they have a lot of additional functionality, capable of configuring antivirus protection.

Also, specialized antivirus solutions for a corporate segment allow creating a uniform command center of safety. So, for example, ESET Endpoint Security allows unrolling the system of data protection. Using a functional component – the administrator’s panel – this antivirus allows organizing the management of all client parts and settings of the antivirus server. Therefore, global control of the antivirus protection status, the centralized and timely updating of virus signature bases is exercised.

Such a structure of antivirus management allows:

  • Continuous real-time monitoring
  • Carrying out necessary actions with the detected threats
  • Setting program and system rules of a firewall
  • configure client antiviruses from the admin panel.

In general, each similar program has nuances. However, they are integrated by one idea – creation of system approach to cybersecurity with a possibility of global control of the company PC network status.

Saving Money

As a rule, corporate versions of antivirus are paid programs, but their cost and the cost of their installation are disproportionately small with possible losses from malware actions. Notably, building long-term relations with antivirus companies is more beneficial. If you buy antivirus with a 2-year plan, the price of full protection of one PC is significantly reduced. As a rule, companies practice this approach and are happy to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Bottom Line

In general, we recommend not to use free security programs to create corporate cybersecurity system. Business versions of antivirus provide much more comprehensive protection for the computer network. A home user can address the free antivirus software, creating the necessary level of security with the optimal solution. However, corporate systems require a more responsible approach because it keeps sensitive data. Everybody understands what can happen if such a large database is hacked. The whole business might collapse because of some negligence. So, it is not advisable to disregard the appropriate antivirus solution. The only thing you need to do is to choose the reasonably-priced and effective antivirus software for corporate needs.

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