Top 10 Anime streaming Apps 2020 For iPhone and Android


Best Anime streaming Apps 2020:- Do you enjoy watching the anime? Are you enthusiastic about getting all the hottest and latest content from the top anime streaming websites? Here we bring you to the top 10 Anime streaming Apps 2020 for both Android and iPhone which will enable you to watch all the old and latest of your most admired anime.

  1. Crunchyroll iPhone/ Android (Download here for Android&iPhone)

Crunchyroll iPhone

It is one of the tops ranked anime apps which is created by Ellation Inc for both iPhone and Android devices. At no cost, you can enjoy both Asian drama and Japanese anime. Even you do not need to have the membership to use this app. This app streams more than 20,000 episodes and approximately 14,000 hours of greatest and latest anime series – which makes it an ultimate anime destination.

You can easily dwell into famous series of past like one piece, attack on Titan, Dragon ball super, Naruto Shippuden and many more as well experience the excitement of all latest series. So, what are you waiting for download this app and start watching your favorite anime series with no signup and no cost? This app updates the episodes instantly after they get aired on television. Here you can enjoy all shows in HD quality and that too ad-free.

  1. Tubi- Free TV shows and Movies iPhone/Android (Download here for iPhone&Android)

Tubi- Free TV shows

This is one of the best anime apps 2019 for both Android and iPhone that delivers all types of right from horror to anime, movies, reality series and much more. When you download this app, you can conveniently enjoy all the latest anime shows and your favorite Hollywood entertainment series. You will find many categories in this app that also contains several anime videos.

  1. Viewster- Anime and Fandom TV (Download here for Android)

The specialization of this app is fandom and is one of the admired anime apps of 2019. This is created by Viewster that allows you to watch sci-fi, gaming, and anime like much more content. With this app, you can view your favorite fan movies and most admired anime series anytime and anywhere – that too at free of cost. Across the fandom spectrum, the app also comes with specific niche picks that includes geek documentaries, throwback-sci-fi movies, and series, gaming series as well as anime shows. As soon as you download the app, you can start watching your fav series as it does not require any registration.

This app also has the section of hand-picked videos and series from the web and wide array of selection in HD anime. In this app, you can also enjoy featured content, style home page and showcases the recently added entertainment. You can also follow your favorite channels in this app, so you stay updated, even it lets you customize your news feed – it means you can save your most liked videos and series in “watch later” section.

  1. Naruto Shippuden- Watch free by Ellation , Inc (Download here for Android)

Naruto Shippuden

If you are a fan of classic anime shows and like to watch them online, then Naruto Shippuden is another app that you can try. This awesome app enables you to view all interesting episodes of Naruto Shippuden without any cost. Moreover, you will experience high-quality streaming and ad-free episodes. Even you can access the exclusive content in High-Definition.

  1. Kitsu: Anime and manga Tracker (Download here for iPhone)

When you download this app, you will get to discover your favorite anime shows and even share them. Here, you can easily search for exciting and new anime shows by browsing in your streaming platform within the most liked category. You can also keep the track what you have watched and discuss the episodes further in the community.

  1. AnimeLab iPhone (Download here for iPhone)

For iPhone this is one of the best and most liked anime apps of 2019, the content in this app directly simulcasts from Japan which makes it one best platform to watch the top anime series. You can browse and watch thousands of anime hits. Moreover, they keep adding the new episodes to anime series.

  1. Animega- Anime TV (Download here for Android)

Animega- Anime TV

This is another excellent anime app of 2019 which is designed and developed by Animega Inc. Here you can not only enjoy the favored anime shows but also listed to the fan made anime and music quickly and without many efforts. Here you will get the best of anime series with smooth streaming experience online. This app includes a wide array of features including, favorite list, anime list and choice of editor and much more. This app has a contemporary material design, simple design which makes it quite useful for players.

  1. Amino Apps Anime and manga Amino for Otakus (Download here for Android and iPhone)

It will offer you otaku’s free online database, and it is the most significant and most prominent community for geeks, cosplay, Naruto Fans, manga and more. With your friends you can explore new interests as well as engage with cosplayers, anime fans to generate queries, responses to questions. Moreover, you can discuss all the fantastic characters, episodes and anime scenes, etc.

  1. Fun anime- Free anime online and manga rock for Fanz (Download here for Android)

Fun anime

This anime app is designed and developed by Monkey Mount App which will deliver your an online database of lots of exciting episodes of manga masters, anime fans, comics, otaku, cartoon. If you love niconico anime, then download this app and browse the entire series and more categories on this platform. Even you can participate in a discussion of episodes as well as keep track of what you have watched. It is about time to have this app and experience all your favorite anime series.

  1. FastAnime- Watch Anime Online TV (Download here for Android)

Watch Anime Online TV

So, this is the last but not the least anime app developed by Poxpox Inc. This app enables you to watch all latest episodes and experience all your most recent series episodes like Dragon ball super, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece as well as Attack on Titan. It will also stream anime episodes online with English subbed and dubbed.

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Final Words

These are some of the best anime streaming apps for both iPhone and Android 2020 which provide you a unique platform to watch all your fav anime episodes. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the best app from the list. Also, like and share if you liked this whole blog.