Android 11 Developer Preview 3 Edition: 5 Features To Notedown


When Google announced the launch of the Android 11 version to its users mostly in the mid of May 2020. The first developer preview could not fix the screen sensitivity issue that users of Android 10 were struggling. Surprisingly, Android 11 developer preview 3 announced at the beginning of this week that Google is most likely to try out its beta versions of the same. In the next month. If you are already using the developer preview 2 on your smartphone, then you can get Android 11 DP3 on very soon on your Pixel. You can identify the same with over-the-air update notification for DP3 available on your phone.

We all would have read through the amazing features that Android 11, which Google is possible to launch soon. Now with DP3, the full-screen gesture navigation problem will come to an end. And users will find it a new experience on usage. Many of us are running around to find out the cool new features of Android 11 DP3. But it is important that you note and understand that these features can also be for testing purpose. Therefore, the final version is unknown until you see it on your phones.

Besides, there are five interesting and new features as a part of Android 11 Developer preview 3 for your benefit.

5 features of Android 11 Developer 3 Edition

  1. Enhanced size of previews

Android 11 DP3 provides a larger preview of the recent apps screen that reduces the user’s eye-sensitivity of opening the recently used apps. It is pretty much large than you expect and also provides two shortcuts–one for screenshot and the other one is to share. You can take the screenshot of the recently used app that appears on the screen with the help of the Share button. Also, after the screenshot is taken, the Share button opens the share sheet for quick sharing.

  1. New screenshot pop-up

This feature is connectivity to the enlarged screen size of recent apps. When you take a screenshot, the pop-up that appears comes in the much smaller size and tweaked mode. If you have seen the same feature in iOS devices, Android 11 also replicates the same. The previous version displays the screenshot pop-up in large size at the bottom of the screen. But Android 11 Developer preview 3 is going to change that view by providing a smaller version of screenshot pop-up at top of the screen. You also get an option to dismiss the notification, share the screenshot and edit as well.

  1. Enhanced app permissions

Data security enhancement has been given priority in this improved app permissions. Users can now deny their app permission when they receive a prompt. If you tap Deny for two times, the app never asks you permission again. You can also set it as default; therefore the information on your phone remains secure and private. Now Android 11 DP3 will revoke the app’s permission in case you have not accessed it for quite some time.

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  1. Ethernet tethering

Previously, mobile data tethering was limited only to phones, but now Android 11 DP3 adds an option to the hotspot and tethering called Ethernet tethering. With this feature, users can connect from USB to Ethernet adapter then to their Android phones, and then connect the LAN cable to the adapter and straight to their computer to avail the Internet from your phone. This is a rare feature available once in a blue moon kind of thing. But when you try using your phone to connect your desktop, it helps you from LAN cable or modem issue or when Wi-Fi is not supported.

  1. Discard continuous notifications

Android 11 DP3 is likely to introduce the feature to dismiss notifications that show apps running in the background. Although in Android 10, users can discard most of the notifications that appear on their phone screen, still this new Android 11 feature has gone a step beyond user’s expectations. The dismissed notifications will be moved to History panel, which was already introduced in Android 11 Developer preview 2; hence it adds on to the list of DP3 as well. Therefore, users can view these notifications later upon their interest.

Bottom Line

Nevertheless, Android 11 Developer preview 3 is a necessary invention because it has amazing features that Android lovers have been waiting for. Meanwhile, it is going to be the resolution for all annoying things that users are experiencing with Android’s previous versions. Let us hope that Android 11 comes onto our phones in the month of May 2020 as announced earlier. It is quite understandable that buying a new phone is quite a difficult task in this pandemic situation. But once things settle down, when you buy a new phone, Android 11 will definitely excite you with its excelling features.