Acanac Internet Service Provider – The Best in Canada


There has been a stronger demand for high-speed internet service. The services available on the internet have been quite demanding and slow internet speed can be a concern if you want to enjoy these services. One such able service provider in Canada that has risen to the level of top internet service providers is Acanac.

Acanac – Who are they?

Acanac is one of the popular internet service providers in Canada. In fact, Acanac is part of a larger service provider, Distributel. Distributel, for the uninitiated, is one of the popular internet service providers in Canada.


Acanac has interests in several areas of internet-related services. They have services across Ontario and Quebec in Canada. They have recently launched TV services as well. In fact, the USP of Acanac lies in VoIP. They also have Home phone services. Their popularity has been based primarily on the affordability of their services.

The Salient Features that Make it a Good Choice

As we stated before, affordability is what sets Acanac ahead of its competitors. The company founded in 2004 and subsequently acquired by Distributel in 2011, offers high-speed internet services in Canadian regions. Apart from providing internet services, Acanac also comes with cable TV services and home phone services.

Their plans have everything that would suit both home users and business users alike. Some of the features that would make it an interesting option would be the features like 3-way calling, voice mailbox, call waiting, and call conferencing among a host of other features.

The only glitch could be the lack of advanced features that are offered by competing products. However, Acanac loves to call itself The Alternative internet service provider. If you really want to go to an affordable service, you are expected to make some sacrifices.

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They have a good after-sales service, but the customer care works only from Monday to Friday. That could be a concern though. However, you have access to an online community of users. You can use this community to share your concerns and issues as also interact with the other users in real-time.

Pricing and Plans

Acanac is an affordable service provider. It indeed shows up in their plans and the pricing. They have plans that should suit everyone. There are four different packages available across multiple genres –

Acanac Pricing and Plans

If you want to opt for the unlimited options in other plans as well, you would need to spend an additional $ 10 in addition to the plan charges. Acanac has plans that should suit the needs of strata of the users.

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In Conclusion

Acanac is the best choice for all your requirements in household internet across Ontario and Quebec. Lack of online chat support can be a concern though. However, it compensates it with all effective internet service, email accounts, and an active online community.

It is not without anything that the service has gathered a couple of rare reviews in a few trusted authority sites. There are some issues that could be common between a network provider and the reseller. That isn’t something you may need to worry about. The flat rates and efficient service are the two features that should set it apart from the rest of the internet service providers in Canada.

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