7 Common Laptop Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


We all want our laptops to last, but you may cause mistakes without you knowing it. Your mistakes can cost you your data security, hardware damage, and your money for unnecessary repairs.

Don’t worry! We have provided some of the common laptop maintenance mistakes you need to know about. Continue reading to know the mistakes and how to solve or avoid them.

1.Using the Laptop While It Overheats 

Heat is your laptop’s worst enemy. Too much heat reduces the lifespan of your battery, fans, and processor. Additionally, your laptop will be loud and will be hot to the touch.

Other than your laptop feeling hot, the fan will make loud whirring noises. Be wary when your laptop struggles to do tasks or begins to show you error messages.

Your laptop has almost reached its limit once all your apps start freezing or lagging. Then, your laptop will shut down on its own once your laptop reaches its maximum heat.

To avoid overheating, put your laptop in power mode if you’re using your laptop for over 3 hours. Power mode restricts background tasks, reduces processor draw, and reduces energy consumption. It also shuts down apps and programs that use too much of your system resources.

Another option is buying a laptop cooler or cooling pad. If nothing works and your laptop still heats up quickly, you should check and clean the internal fans. Remember to also prevent your laptop from being under direct heat or sunlight.

  1. Ignoring Signs of Damage 

Seeing cracks or having missing keyboard buttons is never a good thing. As soon as you drop your laptop or spill your drinks on it, go for immediate repairs.

The internal components of your laptop are sensitive. Small physical damages can slow down your laptop or cause malfunctions. Some major malfunctions that can occur are a damaged processor or loud fan noises.

To avoid risking malfunction, handle your laptop carefully. There are cables inside your laptop which can come loose, making your laptop crash. Be sure to stay away from liquids while using your laptop.

  1. Not Updating the Operating System

One of the biggest laptop maintenance mistakes is ignoring new operating systems updates. Ignoring software updates don’t affect the lifespan of your laptop. But it can cause your laptop to be slower, show errors, and increase security issues.

The sooner you update your OS, the better security you will have on your laptop. You get updates for your OS because your current one has patches and bugs.

Note that hackers love security flaws. You can risk your data and privacy if you don’t update your operating system. You also risk passing viruses on your laptop to other devices,

Check for updates in your settings or system preferences. The latest OS of windows is the May 2020 update while the latest version for mac is 10.15 or macOS Catalina. Make sure you also have updated web browsers and antivirus.

  1. Having Too Many Startup Apps 

When you boot up your laptop, some apps open without you needing to click on them. These startup apps begin immediately for efficiency..

Having too many startup apps can slow down your laptop startup and delay the booting process. Worst yet, your laptop could crash before you’ve even begun to use it.

You can find the list of startup apps in your Task Manager. To open Task Manager, use Ctrl+Shift+Esc for Windows or Cmd+Option+Esc for Mac.

To turn off the apps, go to the Startup tab, and look for the status and startup impact. Right-click on an app to choose Disable or Enable.

Make sure to disable all the apps with a startup status of High. Limit your startup apps to five to reduce the risk of crashing or slowing your system.

  1. No Proper Ventilation

All laptops have a built-in fan to circulate the air in your laptop when it heats up. This hot air goes through the air vents to prevent getting bottled up.

If the air vents get covered or accumulate dust, you could end up with internal damage. Your laptop will function slower and will quickly run out of battery life.

To get better ventilation for your laptop, avoid placing your laptop on soft tops like your blanket or your lap. Use a flat, hard surface like a bed table or putting a folder underneath your laptop.

  1. Ruining the HDD

Most laptops have a mechanical hard drive disk or HDD. These are the moving parts that make a whirring sound when starting up your laptop. HDDs have a read and write head that must move to interact with your disk which spins.

You can damage the internal components if you move your laptop while the HDD is active. It can come in contact with the internal data components costing you your data.

Reduce the risk by not making any quick movements and adjusting your laptop gently. Don’t move your laptop when running a program that uses your hard drive.

You can also upgrade to a solid-state drive or SSD since they don’t have internal moving parts. This problem can occur in old laptops or retro computers. If you’re a retro enthusiast, check for retro computer resource options here.

  1. Mishandling Your Laptop

You may be damaging your laptop by how you pick it up. Avoid getting your laptop by the screen. This can put a lot of stress on the hinges which can break the screen or cause it to stop working.

To avoid this mistake, close up your laptop before carrying it away. Pick it up by grabbing the rear or front. You should use both of your hands and place them on each side.

How you treat the cables can also affect the life of your laptop. Something will break if the cords get twisted in the wrong way. Follow how the cords were first fixed when you received the laptop.

Knowing how to organize your cords can prevent the cords from hitting your laptop when traveling. Your travel bag should have a protector on each side and the bottom of the bag.

Avoid These Laptop Maintenance Mistakes

Have a long-lasting laptop by fixing these mistakes from decreasing signs of damage to better ventilation for your laptop.

Keep an eye out for small details and minor actions.

Remember that these laptop maintenance mistakes will have risks you can’t afford to have.

Thanks for reading! If you liked our guide, feel free to comment down below and share the article with your friends and family. Don’t hesitate to check out more of our articles for additional tech tips and tricks!


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