7 Best Smartphone Games of 2016


Whether you prefer action and adventure, puzzle, sports, or role-playing games, you can find something to love on your Smartphone. Millions of people play games while they wait in reception areas or ride the subway home from work, so check out these seven free options to get started.

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Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

As the sequel to Walking Dead: The Game, Walking Dead: No Mans Land offers a thrilling new experience based on AMC’s hit television show  The Walking Dead. In this smartphone game, you will hunt down and kill walkers, choose your teammates and weaponry, collect your favorite characters from the show, and battle it out in familiar scenes. Its graphics have improved considerably over those of the first game, and you will like the action intensity if you enjoy immersive RPGs.


In  Crashlands, you are an intergalactic delivery driver, and the game starts when you get stranded on a planet you don’t recognize. Your mission? Track down your wayward packages and avoid the clutches of Hewgodooko, a malevolent alien who sits at the helm of an organization that wants to achieve Universe domination. It’s a crafting role-playing game that incorporates elements such as puzzles, item collection, and battle simulations. The premise might sound a little cheesy, but you ‘ll quickly become immersed in the detailed world-building and your character’s mission.

The Creeps!

If you prefer tower defense games, The Creeps! will give you everything you want and more. It’s a top-rated game for both iPhones and Android devices, and it seems to offer almost limitless levels. You are protecting a young boy from the nightmares that threaten to undo him. Along the way, you will surmount obstacles and encounter enemies. There also an elegantly designed shift mechanism for mega towers, so your smartphone will get a workout as you put it through its paces.

Welcome to the Dungeon

If you want to take a step back in time and relive your glory days on the gaming systems of the 1980s and 1990s, try Welcome to the Dungeon. Though its graphics and sound effects mimic those of older systems, it is a fully modern game that runs particularly well on the iPhone 6S, especially when using T-Mobile’s reliable network. On the iPhone’s large Retina HD display, you will ride the reels on a casino-style slot game, battle enemies in Zelda-like fashion, and summon monsters to do your bidding.

Flow Free

Puzzle games offer infinite enjoyment and long-term entertainment. Flow Free looks simple enough from the outside. You connect different-colored pipes to reach the next level. As you progress in the game, however, the puzzles become increasingly complicated, and you will have to put more thought into every move. The more quickly you complete each level, the higher your score. The graphics prove clean and crisp, and you will enjoy the musical score behind the game. If you want a relatively relaxing game that still demands brainpower, Flow Free delivers. It’s also a great choice for kids who want to challenge themselves.

Critical Ops

You don’t need a big screen to play first-person shooter games. Critical Ops, a well-designed FPS with excellent ratings on the App Store and Google Play, drops you into combat immediately and doesn’t let go until you manage to reach the end. Choose from various weaponry as you fight your way through modern scenes. It’s you against the terrorists, and you can choose to play in individual mode or with friends.

Cut the Rope: Magic

Looking for a more lighthearted choice? Check out the Cut the Rope: Magic. The main character, Om Nom, has accidentally transported himself to a foreign land, and you have to help him get back home. Physics puzzles and exciting minigames keep you hooked for hours. You will also love the fantastical graphics and adorable characters in this crowd-pleasing game. It’s great for all ages, so don’t hesitate to let your little ones give Cut the Rope: Magic a chance. The magic theme adds even more wonder to the gameplay.

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Now that you are familiar with the best mobile games of 2016, you can start downloading them on your smartphone for easy, convenient entertainment on the go.


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