6 Common Problems With The UX Process


If it is the first time for you to be involved with the mobile ux design, it could be hard to notice patterns on how the mobile ux design projects will be going on. Alright, you already have the team size and the budget. But that does not guarantee that you will be 100% free from the problems.

Of course, you will want to get a head-up about what you will be facing in the future. There are common problems that you might be facing when conducting the mobile ux design. Erbis as one of the leading companies in the custom software development niche emphasizes different scenarios where the challenges are real. Here are the things that we found when our team in Erbis was handling ux product design.

Complexity in deciding the feature of the app

It is one of the common problems. It usually happens in the very early stage of the ux design app. The companies who worked with Erbis had experienced this a lot. Many uplines and stakeholders were trying to add their vision to the apps. Some stakeholders want to make a different thing that cannot be overcome by their competitors. It is good to be a perfectionist. But in many cases, many of these scenarios could end up in the app with loads of features that might confuse the users or don’t meet the users’ requirements and expectations. In this case, Erbis role is very important to draw the line between the company’s needs and the feasibility of the product.

That could also lead to disaster. People will quickly uninstall the app once they’ve realized that the ux is poor. Of course, the app will be more complete when you add more stuff to it. But it might be going nowhere since you cannot prioritize loads of things at the same time. There will be more errors and bugs that you’ve never imagined before. In the end, the maintenance and deployment costs could jeopardize your company’s cash flow.

 We can learn from a successful app like Google Docs which has few features to start with. However, Google Docs allows its users to install add-ons if they need more functions.

The challenges in meeting the deadline

In Erbis documentations, one of the most common issues faced by the company is the deadline. In many cases, the release of the UX app passed the original deadlines.

There were many factors that could lead to this issue. As we know, the UX project involves many parties in different divisions. There’s a possibility that the teams will work and re-work back and forth. Then there are some revisions that need to be made when approaching the deadline date.

In some cases, the delays could happen because new arrivals or stakeholders join the team. As we know, stakeholders are full of idealist people who want to share their vision. If they are willing to share their ideas and vision with everyone, there could be the risks of the deadline postponement.

To make things work, the Erbis team will suggest the workaround with the deadlines proposed by the client. The point is that you can draw the line between the stakeholders’ visions and the users’ feedback. After all, not all the ideas are prevalent for the current issues. there might be some good ideas that can be implemented after the app 1.0 is released.

 The transparency amongst involved parties

Since it is a project which involves multiple concerned parties: developers, stakeholders, and potential users, there will be challenges in filling the gaps between them.

The progress of work needs to be shared with all of the parties.

Keep in mind that the UX project could take weeks, months, or even years. So, if you are a person in charge, you need to make sure that everyone is in. Erbis will also help you to make all of the parties comprehend about the role.

It is a great idea to set up a meeting with core activities and solutions discussions. Cut to the chase so that you can keep up the pace.  What you need to do is just to set up the meeting and let us do the talking.


When you are working with a large team, the communications between divisions will be an inevitable challenge. You cannot expect that everyone will easily be on the same page in no time. The larger the team is, the bigger the challenges will be there to intervene in the overall project.

But actually, the solution is simple and straightforward. Provide a clear behavior guide to sustain every party’s actions. If you are wondering how Erbis will help you with the UX consulting company service.

Products that cannot meet the users’ requirements and expectations

Sometimes, folks didn’t realize that they had sacrificed the features of the app to meet the budgets and deadlines. Some folks who couldn’t find the balance ended up in this downfall.

The disputes revolving around the deadlines and budgets often disconnect the team from their user’s needs and requirements.

But what we could be afraid of the most is the fact that there was no connection between the developer team and the users in the first place.

There have been a lot of examples when the big companies built the entire products based on their hunches and previous papers. They pushed forward the date launch and ended up with complaints from their users.

The UX developers and involved teams have the responsibility to provide the value. So, when the products with a bunch of features cannot provide value for the users, it will be useless.

In some scenarios, sometimes it is much better to restart from scratch rather than proceeding with the useless app.

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Our team in Erbis will be transparent with your party. If the product is a failure at first, we will recommend the restart and swap to another strategy.

Not planning so well

The plan is one of the foremost things that need to be carried when it comes to UX development as the researchers, many people are not being objective with what they do.

It is harmful to be too attached to such ideas rather than real solutions. Many got trapped in the satisfaction of improving the features and controls while overlooking the real value of the software. Oftentimes, what we assume to be the best for the UX is contradicted with what the users really want. Therefore, it is very important to challenge your guts against the user’s feedback.

It is important to be open-minded with different perspectives on the team. It is a great idea to always work together with the team who is used to handling the UX projects. They will always remind you to get back on track when you are altering.

 In this case, Erbis can facilitate the common grounds of roles.

Collaboration and accountability are the keys to successful UX design. First, we are going to learn about your company’s business requirements, then we’ll come up with the solution.

Reach Erbis now to facilitate UX product design.