4 Pieces of Essential Tech for Expats


Technology has played a major role in the development of global business. Not only are we seeing an increase in multinational teams, but professionals are able to spend months or years working overseas, experiencing different opportunities, cultures, and experiences.

Due to the packing, traveling, moving, and setting up the creature comforts of home in a new country, the lifestyle does come with certain special needs. Technology can play a vital role in helping ex-pats enjoy the creature comforts from home while exploring the country.

The life of an ex-pat is one of adventure, here are 4 pieces of tech that will make your life overseas convenient and comfortable.

Smart Phone

This one might seem like a no brainer, we need our phones to survive, communication, leisure, navigation, and emergencies. There is an abundance of apps, accessible by a smartphone or tablet, that will make your life as an ex-pat much easier.

There is an app for everything these days, especially when it comes to travel. There is the ability to download offline maps, currency converters, money transfer apps, online banking, train tickets, airline tickets, to name a few. Not to mention your smartphone is always handy to take a photo or video to add to the memory bank. You’ll find that you rely on your smartphone more than usual when exploring a new city.


Whether you use your laptop, smartphone, or tablet for work and travel, installing a VPN will not only make you more connected, but it will protect your data from external threats. Travelling often sees you relying on free wifi networks in hotels, airport lounges, bars, or cafes. While free wifi is a savior when traveling, it opens you up to certain risks, anyone on the same network can access personal data. This is why it is vital to register for a VPN, a VPN will create your own personal secure network, making your data hidden and secure from anyone trying to access personal data.

Language App or Audiobooks

Depending on where you are choosing to relocate, you may need to learn a new language quickly. There several Apps or Audiobooks, that can help you to learn that. Depending on your vice, learning a new language has never been easier, accessible from your pocket, while on the move.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is perfect for ex-pats as it is light to travel, accessible from anywhere, and can’t be lost or damaged when on the move. Whether you want to use it for work, to keep a database of movies to watch while on the road or a large memory bank for all your photos, extra data storage will always come in handy.

An E-Reader

If you are an avid reader you may have found that lugging around a bunch of heavy books when traveling rather tricky. Then an e-reader might be for you, you will find that it can make your life more convenient. Often smaller and lighter than your regular paperback book, you can have an abundance of books at your fingertips.


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