2020 Update: MK11 Krypt Guide


Welcome to the complete Krypt overview for Temporal Kombat 11. This walkthrough gives in-depth instructions and maps for the whole Krypt consisting of vital locations, doors, items, paths, and a lot more. Utilize this guide to save time, prevent getting stuck, and, above all else – lower frustration!

The Krypt is the critical area where you’ll locate Cruelties, Fatalities, Introductory, Triumphs, skins, costumes, and also really whatever that’s outstanding as well as unlockable in the video game. There are three sorts of chests, and also each one requires extra money– common koin upper bodies, soul fragment containers, and heart chests. Many chests are random, yet a percentage continuously provides you with the same product every single time.

Before we start, it deserves noting that the MK11 Krypt is a substantial time sink/RnG loot box field where players can explore the Shang Tsung Island looking for rewards such as skins, boosts, deaths, brutalities as well as other artwork such as banners, symbols as well as histories. Although not as extreme as the different settings, it’s an enjoyable diversion in between fights.

The Krypt in Person Kombat 11 is extra complicated than ever before, and also, if you intend to unlock its several numerous keys, you’ll probably require a little aid. The Krypt in the Konquest menu is optional, dropping your nameless third person lead right into Shang Tsung’s Island. You’re free to explore and spend in-game currency to unlock lots of kosmetics, konsumables, and extra stuff that starts with a ‘K.’ There’s also a couple of products that aren’t affected by the ‘K’-ness of Temporal Kombat.


Goro’s Lair

The first below-ground section is a massive maze of passages and small spaces that compose Goro’s home. Locations include Torture Halls, Armory, Jails, Throne Room, and so on.

There are several Secret Things down here, including Scorpion’s Spear, Kenshi’s Blindfold, Ermac’s Amulet, and different treasures. The Kollector NPC is also found concealed in the Burrow, yet he only shows up at particular times and for a minimal period.

Starting Area

This map contains sections for Royal residence Entry, Goro’s Entry, Yard, Lower Courtyard, Shrine, Warrior Shrine, Pit Bridge, and so on.

Important indicate note is the Cracked Horn of Motaro (Trick Thing) located in the Vault, and Ermac’s Trick Thing, discovered in the Pit (available via lift later on). Likewise, make a note of the Temple and the Forge. The former is used to spend Koins in a lucky dip for benefits, while the last offers the alternative to craft brand-new things from Forge materials. The pathway to the next underground level is via Goro’s door.

MK11 Krypt
MK11 Krypt

Multiple Currencies

There are three currencies in the Krypt:

Soul Fragments



Each of the three currencies is required to open their particular chest types. Regular upper bodies call for the familiar Koins money, which is very plentiful in the video game. Soul Pieces are called for to open up the eco-friendly radiant chests, and also Hearts are used to open the upper bodies with the bright redhead on top of them or fire the front directly.

Key Items

There are lots of Secret Items to obtain in the Krypt, along with the character certain ones such as Scorpion’s Spear, Kenshi’s Blindfold, and so on. For example, we also have gems such as the Gem of the Living, Heart of the One Being, and other artifacts such as Cracked Horn of Motaro, which are essential for opening hard to reach locations. Generally, these collectible Secret Products can depend on RnG, but some are located in fixed areas, and some are also outside the Krypt!

The MK11 Krypt is Mostly RnG

This is one of the most spoken about parts of the MK11 Krypt. Compared to MKX, the new Krypt is widely dependent on RnG for your incentives. Standard Koin upper bodies will return entirely arbitrary stimuli, with a weighting towards the upper body’s price, e.g., many more expensive chests have a much better chance of releasing far better incentives. With this in mind, regular chests will certainly not dish out the very same incentives for all players, and it’s consequently impossible to share works with as well as anticipate the same stimuli.

There are three various other types of the upper body in the MK11 Krypt:

Heart Apexes (Eco-friendly Spirit Upper Bodies).

Heart Chests.

Fire Chests.

These upper bodies do not show up to have rollable RnG incentives but provide a much higher possibility at the video games’ most adequate loot. This is mainly because the money (Soul Fragments and Hearts) to open these upper bodies are exceptionally time eating to obtain. Certainly, Heart chests provide the Krypts excellent benefits.

Gamers can refill routine Koin upper bodies in the Krypt utilizing the brand-new Kronika Time Safe equipment, which is easily located at the start of each new degree. Using the Safe, invest coins to refill the preferred variety of chests in the location, enabling you to spend other coins to reopen the chests once again. Simply put, spend coins to respin the RnG wheel.

Exploring the Island

Unlike MKX, the MK11 Krypt exists in 3rd person viewpoint. You can freely roam around the entire island (supplied the doors and gates are opened) just like you can in God of War. Shang Tsung will often present new areas to you as they’re discovered, and he even challenges highlighting a lot of the Trick Items, so you don’t miss them.

Gamers need to use a combination of Trick Things, Gongs, Levers as well as Puzzles to open up brand-new areas of the Krypt. For example, Key Items are usually utilized to open up secured gates (e.g., skeleton keys), while Gong’s will instantly open barriers when slammed with the hammer. Other bars will activate lifts that go lower or higher depending on where you are while resolving puzzles will also open secret areas.

Although it appears there’s no sprint choice in the Krypt, there is! Hold R2/RT to run and use the readily available lifts to relocate between the various degrees of the Krypt. It deserves maintaining the maps listed below convenient or using psychological notes for specific entrances in the video game that need Secret Things. There’s no save alternative in the Krypt; it’s automatic. Backing out as well as returning must send you back to the last location.

Character Exclusive Chest Locations

Right here are all of the areas for the character details chests you can locate in the Krypt. You can only open them as soon as, yet you can utilize superior currency to have the chance to have these chests reset for you, giving you one more possibility to receive modification products and also loot for that personality.

Cassie Cage: -3071, -2738 – Courtyard Cave

Kung Lao: -3414, -1545 – Goro’s Throne Room

Erron Black: -1055, -7033 – Wooden Bridge

Baraka: 5646, 5216 – Gardens

Kollector: 5422, -1445 – Goro’s Lair

Sonya: 5085, 1618 – The Vault

Liu Kang: -1830, -5487 – Kytinn Hive, Goro’s Lair

Sub-Zero: -5426, 5804 – Armory

Kotal Kahn: 6624, -4505 – Courtyard Cave

Kano: -2984, 4718 – Courtyard

Shao Kahn: 1767, 6455 – Torture Halls

Certrion: -796, -9372 – The Courtyard

Jax: -70, 3835 – Courtyard

Frost: -7550, -5528 – Lower Courtyard

Skarlet: -5208, 4919 – Chamber of Suffering

Johnny Cage: 3076, -4092 – The Dojo

Geras: -7748, -13987 – Goro’s Lair

Jade: 3465, -1136 – Dead Woods

D’vorah: – 1184, 5205 – Kytinn Hive, Goro’s Lair

Raiden: 13228, 4965 – Goro’s Lair

Kitana: -7470, -975 – Lower Pit

Scorpion: -6864, 1181 – The Jails

Noob Saibot: -3464, -2183 – Dining Hall

Jaqui Briggs: 8020, -4958 – Palace Entrance

Kabal: -8642, -6393 – The Pit


The steps below supply a fast and straightforward walkthrough to open all the significant locations of the Krypt. I won’t cover the smaller sized rooms unless they have essential items – you can explore these at your leisure once you discover Skeleton Keys.

  • Open the two breasts to proceed out of the starting area.
  • Pick up the Hammer Trick Item from the table straight before you and shatter with the wall in front that brings about the Courtyard and the fake wall surface to the right that causes the Dead Woods.
  • Go outside to the Courtyard, function your method round to the left, and also past the Kronika Time Vault device. Wreck the wall neighboring (990,3849) to open an entryway to a smaller area with a gong.
  • Strike the gong with the hammer to open up a brand-new path leading to the Forge and Bridge.
  • Function your method round to the right and towards the Shrine (-3573, -6976). Pay 1000 Koins for either the Kronica’s Amulet or Gem of the Living.
  • Head in the direction of Goro’s Burrow’s entryway and a meteor will come collapsing below above.

Smash the meteor with the hammer to gather either Kronica’s Amulet or Treasure of the Living.

  • For the following action, you will undoubtedly require the Amulet of Earthrealm’s guard, a reward from the Towers of Time tutorial. If you haven’t finished the Towers of Time guide yet, then exit the Krypt and return afterward.
  • Connect with the Raiden statue (958, -6801) that shattered when the meteor came down. Grab the Rumbling God’s Smashed Personnel (Raiden’s Staff Trick Thing).
  • Head down the staircases to the left of Goro’s entrance to the platform below. There is a gong right here. Hit it with the hammer to open up a path back to the beginning location.
  • Now head in the Dragon Problem’s direction (-5178, -7681) on the wall (see map for reference). To solve this puzzle, pull the appropriate lever when and the left lever when aligning home plates. If done correctly, a secret entryway will undoubtedly open, leading to the Cavern and onto the Wood Bridge.
  • Return to the location where you hit the very first gong and also open up the closed door (1562,5268) utilizing the Gem of the Living.
  • Discover this brand-new location until you reach the Safe. Utilize the levers to open up the right-hand space and get the Cracked Horn of Motaro (Trick Thing) from the stand.
  • Go back to Goro’s Entryway and make use of the Trick Item to unlock.
  • Head down right into Goro’s Lair and check out onwards, taking the right-hand man pathway first, which at some point results in The Jails and also Kenshi’s Blindfold (Key Thing). See map above for area.

Making use of the Blindfold, check for the concealed wall surface out of the room, smash it while using the Blindfold to leave.

  • Backtrack currently takes the various other tunnels that bring about the Depot, where Scorpion’s Spear lies. The Spear is alongside one of the columns and also is beautiful with fire. Coordinates are: -7057, -5242. However, it can be tough to identify the map over for recommendation regarding which space it’s in.
  • Now that you have the Spear, you can go back to the Wood Bridge (that you opened up after finishing the Dragon Challenge) for some more chests; however, you might want to conserve this for later on.
  • There’s one final character, Secret Thing. We need to get while we’re down here – Ermac’s Amulet. Comply with the narrow pathway that diverts from Goro’s Dining Hall (pull steel chains to open) and take the elevator as much as the Lower Pit (see map for path).
  • As soon as there, Ermac will fall from the pit and come to be impaled on the spikes listed below. Check his body to recover Ermac’s Amulet (Key Thing).
  • Now you might have accumulated over 2000 Spirit Pieces and also might be tempted to repair the bridge across the Pit? Forget about this unless you only want a brand-new Heart upper body to discover.
  • Go back to Goro’s Lair, head to Goro’s Dining room, and use a Skeleton Key on the steel door at coordinates: 1196, 3467.
  • Dodge the swinging ax catches and head to the Torture Halls area, open the steel gate using a Skeleton Key at collaborating 2792, 6447.
  • Usage Kenshi’s Blindfold to see the secret wall in this cell and shatter it with the hammer. Finding Reptile’s statuary and interacting to trigger a tiny cutscene and Reptile will undoubtedly escape.


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