$100 Million Funds Raised for HTC Virtual Reality Headsets


As we all know that Virtual Reality is the most viral content in today’s world. If you browse the internet, you will find any news and launches related to Virtual Reality and VR headsets. We have already seen the response for the HTC vibe. There are many startups that are using HTC vibe as their Virtual Reality headsets. We have also seen that people have started using Virtual Reality headsets in order to watch a movie in theaters.

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As per the reports, HTC has made an announcement that they will be launching Vive X soon which is another HTC Virtual reality headset. They have also raised a fund of $100 million so that to grow VR startups those are working around the world. We all know that Virtual Reality is on its way to transforming the world. Though we are all aware that it needs a healthy environment in order to grow in the market and thus a good amount is also required. As per Cher Wang who is the CEO of HTC, they wanted to make Virtual Reality an interesting and compelling thing so that to advance the future of technology.

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The offices of San Francisco, Taipei, and Beijing will use the funds so that the VR startups which include accessories makers, Apps developers, and content curators will be able to grow in the market. The Company is taking HTC Virtual Reality Headsets seriously, and their HTC Vive was not at all the part of the experiment. They are seriously looking to make a big market in the future.

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What about the other VR Headsets?

Oculus Rift has already got a big backup from Facebook which is the world’s largest Social Network. Sony’s PSVR is yet another device that is working in the field of Virtual Reality. Both these headsets are coming up later this year. HTC is known as the smartphone makers in the world, and the overall experience of HTC Vive is really awesome. But there are many other companies in the competition and so bringing up Virtual reality headsets a big success won’t be that easy. But since the company is investing $100 million, it might be possible that HTC Virtual Reality Headsets will make a big name in the future. We may try getting these headsets with some discount by using Amazon coupons after the launch.

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No need to be Excited

On the other hand, these big figures of money don’t guarantee anything. No one says when these headsets are going to be launched in the market. Another new thing that will give a huge competition is Google Glass, but for some years we haven’t heard the big news about Google glasses, and this is the reason why this thing is getting disappeared from people’s consciousness.

The difference here is that HTC’s fund will help the technology to be improved and this is a really big thing. Though the other companies are working towards generating a good amount of money from these HTC is doing some kind of partial technology development. We may see HTC Virtual Reality Headsets in a couple of years, but there is no guarantee that the company will be the point of attention and with a big name in virtual reality. We will try AliExpress coupons in order to redeem our discount after the launch.

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