Top 10 Best Instagram Story Apps For Android


Every individual’s and marketer’s main focus indulging is to find the best apps to produce rich colored images to post on their Instagram handles. As being said, Instagram stories are one of the main focuses that marketers and influencers do target. In this article, we are counting down the best Instagram story apps through which one can customize their pictures to the best.

Then the main focus goes relatively onto the images, pictures whether they may be professionally captured with DSLR’s or from smartphones. It is so often to see the most of our primary choice being a Smartphone for the sake of portability, quickness as even the flagship and budget smartphones are rocking with great camera lenses. Thus the need for apps to make your pictures more compelling and attractive is becoming essential.

Instagram stories often attract more visitors and conversions through CTA’s rather than Instagram regular feed. Thus, influencers, marketers, and individuals get excited to promote their content through Instagram stories. The content mostly being pictures taken professionally or on smartphones, makes the owner have an eye-catching look to the pictures.

Inevitably they land upon various similarly functioning photo editing apps on play store. With the presence of all obscure apps in the photography section of Google Play Store, we did our research well and made this list of Top 10 Best Instagram Story Apps for Android.

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Apps To Create Compelling Instagram Story Apps

  1. StoryStar
  2. Story Lab
  3. Story Art
  4. Kafka
  5. Unfold
  6. Over
  7. Preview
  8. Story Maker
  9. Insta Story
  10. Canva

Well, most of the apps fail to provide a lot of pre-made elements and templates. Further there are few apps which do provide good elements and feature as in pro packs for some bucks. So, in this article, we have jotted down some of the best Instagram story making apps which come preloaded with the Instagram story images ratio.

Top 10 Best Instagram Story Making Apps

1. STORYSTAR: Free, Customizable Premade Great Templates at Your Hand

StoryStar found to be one of the most underrated Instagram Story Maker app out there. The app is minimal throughout the process and the ready-made free templates are like icing on the cake.

Creating Instagram stories in StoryStar is not rocket science either, choose a template and the after process is very smooth and will be guided by the app in the first instance. If the template is offering you to edit text you can easily edit the text color, size, alignment, etc.

One can even choose the picture to apply in the template. The story doesn’t need any rendering and gets exported very quickly. You do get to share the story to social media accounts right away from the app which is very time-saving.

Best Features Of StoryStar Instagram Story Making App:

  • Free Templates – Apart from a few templates being locked, which do get unlocked after watching an Ad, all of the templates which are being offered are completely free for use.
  • No Watermark – Yes, developers are courteous enough to provide all of the features for free and also options to export the stories with no watermark.
  • Categorized Menu – App consists of menu categorized to meet the requirements of every influencer and individual’s taste. Categories such as Fashion, Travel, Sport, News and many more.
  • No Ads – There are no annoying ads apart from the templates which needed to get unlocked.
  • The user gets 28 free fonts and 78 ready-made templates to create Instagram stories

Free download: Play Store

2. STORY LAB: Paid and Free Instagram Story Templates

Story Lab is coming from the same developers who have made the Hype Text app and MoStory. Apart from an app being partial free or completely free we have noticed its full potential and mentioned in the article. Story Lab fits into the category of partial free apps rightfully.

Story Lab is offering templates of different styles such as Minimalistic, Filmy, Polaroid, Frames, Wreaths and many others. Free users get around 60 customizable templates alongside few backgrounds and text fonts.

Upgrading to their VIP plan which would cost you around $2.99/month or just $9.99/year at 70% off will unlock a load of resources. Those VIP resources are very uniquely created to make sure you have a wide range of varieties to make your Instagram Story look unique.

Best Features Of Story Lab Instagram Story Making App:

  • Free Templates – Their free resources are very limited which do include dozens of backgrounds, text fonts, effects (Fx), stickers, filters and more.
  • VIP Upgrade – Buying their VIP plan unlocks around 100+ templates, 100+ backgrounds, 50+ Filters, 50+ Fonts, 100+ Color Fx and 100+ Stickers.
  • Amazing Brushes and Feed – You will some of the best brush effects to apply on to your pictures. The feed is an option where templates get updated daily both free and paid which is quite an awesome feature to have.
  • Easy Editing – Yes, the devs have made the impossible possible. Most of the photo editing and Instagram story making apps have a slew of features. But this app has minimalistic UI and easy to use editing options.

Free download: Play Store

3. STORYART: Free, Customizable Premade Great Templates at Your Hand

StoryArt app is an interesting story creator for Instagram compiled with free and paid templates. Unlike other insta story creating apps, StoryArt offers very limited resources to a free user. Their editing experience, in general, is restricted to the story of choice. For any given template you’re only allowed to add effects, backgrounds, texts, and images but not your logos or excess images than the limit.

StoryArt is specially designed for those who are dedicated to creating Instagram stories for a long period. Story templates are divided into few categories and provided with a free stack of templates in each category. It is loaded with dynamic backgrounds with selected elements with rich color schema such as icons, 2d arts, and even covers.

StoryArt store has a blend of packages which are obviously paid, consisting of attractive gradients, filters, effects, new frames, new fonts, and even masks for backgrounds. Apart from their paid elements, they do provide a professional plan or license for around $12.

Best Features Of Story Lab Instagram Story Making App:

  • Free Templates – Regular user gets very limited resources for free.
  • PRO Upgrade – Buying their professional plan offers you with additional templates, and dedicated effects, text fonts, and backgrounds.
  • User-Friendly UI – You will find out easily that the app UI is very easy to operate. All you need to do is launching the StoryArt app and choose the template, load your image, tweak a bit and export.
  • Easy Exporting – After completing tweaking your story in the StoryArt app, you can preview your image and click on export. Just with one tap, you can export your freshly crafted Instagram story to your storage or directly to Instagram.

Free download: Play Store

4. KAFKA App For Quick Instagram Story Creation

Kafka must be your go-to app for quick editing and exporting a decent Instagram story. Kafka app comprises of few other images ratio but mostly 9:16 would fit perfectly for Instagram stories. The app offers 12 free templates, upon selecting any you would land into their editing modules.

The overall UI experience is very comfortable to use and edit the images with elegance. But the only disappointment is that it doesn’t provide much of the support to add stickers or add gifs. It does provide some of the good looking gradients. It just turns out to be an Instagram story maker app for those with a quick editing requirement.

Best Features Of Kafka Instagram Story Making App:

  • Satisfying Gradients – The app provides some of the best gradients possible.
  • UI Experience and multiple story sharing options.

Free download: Play Store

5. UNFOLD App For Crafting Engaging & Polished Instagram Stories

Unfold is a popular Instagram story maker app and also one of our best pick. The reasons why we have to choose this app over others are quite unique and filled with polished features.

Unfold is a congregation of one free templates pack and the rest of them are paid. Free templates are around 25 in number and have features to edit text, background colors and add images and videos.

From the homepage, you can rename your project or even delete them instantly. Over the store, you can scroll through their collections which includes templates crafted specially and some of the trending fonts. Their collections are given shortcodes and each of the collection can be downloaded by paying minimal fees of around 1$ to 3$.

Editing tools are quite simple and don’t need any tutorials to understand them better. After finishing touches on to your story, you can simply export the story offline or directly share them onto Instagram.

Best Features Of Unfold Instagram Story Making App:

  • Special Crafted Templates – Their collections have different inspirations and elegance which are mostly minimal and creative yet.
  • Trending Story Templates – Collections get updated and new packs are being released with a bunch of trendsetting free Instagram story templates. Which are capable of ingress and express your thought emporium.

Free download: Play Store

6. Over App For Professional & Garnished Instagram Stories

Over App primarily is an image editing tools hub, but has provided support to create or edit Instagram stories aspect ratio have changed the game completely. Apart from Instagram story templates, they do provide many other templates such as invitation cards, banners, flyers, logos, facebook posts, other social media posts, covers and few more.

If compared Over app can be the next Canva, but the resources are not as close to what Canva provides for its pro users. Free users get away with around 30 free Instagram story templates whereas pro users get more than 100 premade Instagram story templates.

Free download: Play Store

7. Preview – Plan your Instagram Stories With Consistency

Preview App has revolutionized the way how an Instagram story app should work in whole. It specializes in not only providing tools to edit your pictures but also provides options to schedule your Instagram stories and Instagram feeds. It provides few photo filters and tools such as Stickers, Text, Draw to be included.

Upon importing your images into the preview app, you can click them to get the further options in the bottom. Some of its features are very interesting to point out as they are very helpful in designing the feed and Instagram stories flow. Caption your images along with tags then click on comment bubble to schedule the post.

Best Features Of Preview Instagram Story Making and Scheduling App:

  • Analytics Integration – Free analytics up to an extent for free users, those who log in with their Instagram account prior to publishing the story or feed.
  • Scheduled Stories- Upon scheduling a story you would get a notification at the right time to copy and post the Instagram story directly from the preview app. One can easily check on to their stories schedule clearly from the calendar option.
  • Hashtag Suggestions- Preview app has this good feature where is provides hashtag suggestions upon adding a few words after the @ symbol while creating captions. Apart from that hashtags can be saved for future usage with a few taps into the UI.

Free download: Play Store

8. Story Maker – Create Instagram Stories With Free Quality Templates

Story Maker app has remarkable quality free templates with which one can easily export Instagram stories of their choice. Quality has not been compromised throughout each category. UI is minimal and has scrolling grids containing category name and rest being the templates itself which are completely free.

Apart from their free templates, the editing or the tweaking is restricted to add only text, images, and stickers unlike other popular story making apps where every element can be edited. Stickers are being imported or loaded from the freepik website and few do have a lock which can get removed by watching an ad.

Best Features Of Story Maker Instagram Story Making App:

  • Free Quality Templates – Get impressed with around 100 remarkable free Instagram story templates.
  • Saving Drafts- Such a great feature to have with which the user can save drafts for future usage, this feature lacks in major apps.

Free download: Play Store

9. Insta Story – For Serious Instagram Influencers

Insta Story app is a hub for those who dream for stylish, polished Instagram story templates. App developers push new template collection every now and then for a minimal price. Most of their templates are part of their paid categories, and as of now, very few free templates are being provided along with a free editing tool bench.

With their free editing tools, you can either import images from your gallery or from their free ones and edit with texts, background colors, amazing stickers. Their free templates are a mix of single, double and triple frames with some cool borders and uneditable text placements.

Best Features Of Insta Story App:

  • Free Polished Templates – Their free stylish templates are over 50 and are categorized for the audience best suit.
  • Paid Collection- Around 12 amazing packs which contain unique templates each with various variants. All of them are nitpicked to suit the Instagram story category of any influencer.

Free download: Play Store

10. Canva – The Epitome Of Instagram Stories Collection

Canva is considered to be the best in the market for its large collection of free templates and bundled with paid ones very eloquently. Canva also has a quality base for free Instagram story templates. Some of its prominent categories are Quotes, Business, Minimalistic, Vacation, Travel and Wild.

Canva has Instagram story templates for almost all sort of needs, they are just a search away from getting downloaded for editing. More than hundreds of free and paid templates have been curated for you to have a jump start. Canva does specialize in editing, supporting almost all of the best editing features.

Best Features Of Canva App:

  • Staggering Amount Of Templates – All of their templates are well designed and are ready for a tap to get tweaked by your hands.
  • Multi-Device Support- Their support for all devices including web, ios, android has made the canva to be the connoisseur of graphic designing.
  • HD Printing- Exporting your Instagram stories from canva is very easy as it can get. Download your images in various formats such as pdf, mp4, gif, jpg, png at printing standard quality.

Free download: Play Store

Hope you have learned on how to make better, stylish and high-quality Instagram stories for your business, personal blogs, diaries, marketing, and businesses.