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Samsung Stripe Batteries with Advanced Technology

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Today new advancements have been made in the field of mobile and smartphones and this is the news that is spreading over the world. Samsung has made many improvements in its technology in recent years and this stripe battery is another new project which they made successful. We heard news some time back that Samsung will launch its first folding phone and so we can easily understand that this new battery will be used in such folding devices.

These new batteries are best suited for the wearable gadgets because at the time of wearing we need to fold them some or the other way. Makers are developing their technology according to their future plans and their future products.

We have seen in many years that battery improvements are slow and developments haven’t been made on a fast pace when compared to other improvements. Samsung is the best smartphone makers in the world and so it has lots and lot’s of customers who trust with blinded eyes.

These new stripe batteries are flexible and thin and this helps in adjusting them in the devices.  These new batteries are in prototype phase as of now but we came to know that the testing is going on quite well. These new batteries will be able to increase the life of some mobile devices up to 50% and these can handle up to 50000 bends so we can reliability is not a concern. These stripes are free to bend and so one can use and fit them in the devices as they want.

Company is planning to use these batteries in wearable-like watches, T-Shirt accessories, necklace etc.

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