How to fix Google Chrome has stopped working error in Windows
Google Chrome has been the most widely used browser worldwide. The best in class functionality, light weight, and user friendly nature are a few features that make it an exceptional choice. Also, the wide range of extensions that it comes with can be considered as an added advantage. However, there are cases wherein the browser… (0 comment)

How to Fix Your Computer Has Low Memory Error?
Windows operating system is prone to several error pop ups and Low Memory error is one of them. It can be a quite annoying error that you may face on your computer. You are working with your computer by putting in all your efforts into the task you are into, and suddenly a pop up… (0 comment)

Top 3 PDF Converters
PDF refers to a standard format that lets you save your documents. It was first used by Adobe, the tech giant, and it has become in time one of the most reliable formats you can use if you are working with documents. Moreover, one of the most appreciated features is the fact that it works… (0 comment)

Android O Developer Preview 1: Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Next Android Operating System
It’s been that time of the year yet again. Google is about to release the next iteration of its mobile operating system – Android. Keeping in tune with the naming standard that Google has followed the latest Android version will be a dessert beginning with the letter O. And Google have begun releasing android o… (0 comment)