Apple Event Summary
‘iPhone‘, when you hear this word, a shrill cry of excitement presides over your thinking and subsequent emotion and your sophisticated imagination starts making a fantasy about what is Apple coming with next. These iPhones, designed and marketed by Apple not only drive you crazy but this symptom is common around the world for everybody.… (0 comment)

Manage your routine with Google calendar
Every product from Google has touched the lives of humans in different aspects, and the Google Calendar also finds its way into the list. This product or rather a service from Google has been a boon for both professionals as well as others. It has been instrumental in time management and improving the productivity of… (0 comment)

Top 5 Texting Applications ( 2016 Edition )
Hello, Everyone! In our Life, we all get a time when we want to talk to our friends and that too silently because, in Today’s World, Everyone needs Privacy Right? Now, We do normal messages from our Mobile Phones which costs us money and we get a Texting Application so that we can chat through… (0 comment)

Use open cellular platform of Facebook in remote area
Facebook is the biggest platform that connects people to each other worldwide. The aim of this website is to connect maximum individuals with each other globally, and they are really working hard for that. Recently Facebook has launched new open source wireless platform for remote area. Now people connect with each other from remote areas… (0 comment)