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Apple May go for Apple Music Redesign

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apple music redesign

Apple music redesign is a streaming service, that is, multimedia that is constantly provided by the user and is received simultaneously at the other end by a receiver, facilitated by the Apple Inc. It is basically a music library which can be accessed online and offline as well by downloading the app. In the app also, the songs need to be downloaded if people wish to listen to them without worrying about the wifi speed or their cellular data. The users can create their local library including the songs of their choice or they can enjoy the already existing playlists provided by the music experts.

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The application also provides the users with the feature of the radio station, Beats 1, which is broadcasted in over 100 countries. Not only for the listeners, there is so much for the composers also in the app. It contains a feature named Connect, which enables the artists to share their backstage videos, the lyrics and pictures or even they can have their new releases directly on the Iphones. In fact, Taylor Swift has also launched her albums over Apple music. The service is a free subscription for the first three months and after that user are charged based on both individual as well as family criteria.

The service is about to complete it’s one year and has been an immense success. There have been some controversies also associated like earlier artists were not paid for the first free three months streaming, but later on the decision was reversed. There were issues of threatened data security and in competitive behavior, but indeed, this apple music redesign streaming service did revolutionize the music.

However, on its first anniversary, Apple Inc is planning to have some modifications within. In fact, there is a plan to overhaul the system completely with the inclusion of new and advanced user interface and the streaming and the downloading options closer together. The ‘New’ tab is to replaced with the “Browse” option to provide users with easier access to the newly added contents.

So get ready for the new updated Apple Music redesign and keep rocking!!

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