Xiaomi’s CEO teasing with Xiaomi Mi Band 2


Everyone today is talking about the Fitbits and Smartwatches as these are the most well-known wearable. There are many other companies that are working towards their smartwatches and bands. These bands are really awesome and will help you track your daily diet and health so that you will be able to keep yourself fit and healthy all the time. Companies are working towards these bands with their full efforts. But Xiaomi is working with their dirty minds. The dirty mind doesn’t mean that they are doing cheap business but it is because Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is dominating the market to a huge extent.

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As per the reports, Xiaomi is the third-ranked band maker and seller followed by Fitbit and Apple. The biggest reason for this awesome rank is their price. They are selling Xiaomi Mi band 2 at just $15 and thus these bands are really popular in the whole of Asia. Last year Xiaomi successfully sold 10 million units of Xiaomi Mi band last year. They are soon going to launch the new model of my band.

In a Chinese wearable conference, the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun shared a pic in which he has worn the upcoming Xiaomi Mi band 2 which is also the successor of the MI band available in the market today.

He didn’t disclose any feature of this new band but we can see that the Xiaomi Mi band 2 has a display along with the round-shaped button at the top. The design is bigger when compared to other bands and so we can assume that it will have a heart rate sensor. Though this band is really cheap we can still try some Flipkart coupons and save money.

Xiaomi has also organized an event on 10 May. This event is going to be held in Beijing. They will be launching the new Mi Max Phablet which is rumored to have around 6.4 inches of display. Let’s hope that they will disclose some more info about the Xiaomi Mi band 2 in that event. Paytm offers may give us some discounts as the band launch.


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