Xiaomi Launched New 48 inch TV and Surprisingly, A Water Purifier


Xiaomi, which is the third-largest seller of smartphones in the world with a total business of $45 billion, has now launched a new version of smart TV, and the most surprising, it launched a new “Water Purifier”. This is a new entry in the collection of home devices and can be the best gadget in 2015.

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The new Mi Tv is a 48 inch smart TV which is just 9.9mm in thickness. This TV has a UHD display with 4K support along with a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor. It has a usual array of connectivity of HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, etc. There are few remarkable changes in the new model for example it is installed with a subwoofer and a powerful Dolby Digital sound system. In terms of design, the thickness is the factor that will attract most of the customers. Mi TV will cost around US$483 and one can get a “Theatre Edition” of this new TV which is around US$644.

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Now, let’s come to the most surprising launch by Xiaomi which is the water purifier. The Mi water purifier costs around US$209 but initially it is made available in the market of China. This device is also branded as “Smart” because it can be fixed on the kitchen surface and it can easily turn the tap water to drinking water. This new water filter has the ability to ping you for the change of filters and the user can set it according to their needs.

For the existing Xiaomi customers, this can be a new device to collect and use for their daily needs.

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