Xenia Project – A promising XBox 360 Emulator


We have been witnessing a new generation of consoles flooding us. The previous generation of consoles is fading away. Yes, you can still get hold of them though quite rarely. The day is not so far when we may not be able to able to find them. That is exactly where the need for Xbox 360 emulator for PC comes into the picture. There have been broad claims about the Xbox emulators that have flooded the market. However, the fact remains that most of them tend to be fake. Nevertheless, we seem to be getting a few real emulators available. Let us find a little detail about such Xbox Emulators for PC.

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Xbox 360 Emulators for PC

Xenia seems to be at the forefront of developing a real emulator for Xbox 360. They recently released a couple of videos to show the progress being made in that direction.

Of course, the project is still under development and has bugs. However, one can safely say that it is a good start. The Xenia emulator has been capable of running a few games on a commercial basis.

Xenia Xbox 360 emulator

This Xenia Project is an Xbox 360 emulator for PC. It has still a lot more to be a perfect emulator but has been showing off satisfactory progress and performance.

Xenia Project happens to be an Open Source Xbox Emulator for Windows operating system. The project was started off in 2013 by BenVanik. He has been an expert in the emulator arena with working experience before. The project has been taking shape over the last year with its noticeable improvements.

The Xenia Project has a good deal of contributors working on it. The releases and source codes are managed on GitHub. The project has over 36 contributors working on it, and it has been gone commercial with a few games launched on it.

System Requirements

Well, the project is still under development. It may not be possible to list out the exact system requirements as of now. The service is yet to go completely commercial.

A broader look at the codes and functionality will let us assume that you need to have the following requirements

  • Operating system Windows 8.1 or higher.
  • A processor with Intel Sandy or Haswell architecture
  • A compatible game controller.
  • Graphics card with support for Open GL 4.5

Game controllers that can be used with this emulator are Xbox 360 Controller, Arcade Joystick for PC, Nintendo Wii Remote, or Steam Controller.

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We are forced to repeat that the project is still under development. The list of commercial games supported on the emulator has been growing, As the things stand though. You may face certain issues while playing the games.

As things stand as of now, the commercial games available on the emulator run at lower frame rates. There are a few glitches observed while you play the games. You are likely to come across frequent crashes. However, you need not fret. The developers have been working on improving the accuracy of the service. Speed optimizations will follow the accuracy improvements.

The Future of Xenia Project

You can take a look at the official website of the Xenia Project. You can reach the page at Xenia.jp. The developers appear to have ambitious plans for the future of the project is concerned.

The website features a Roadmap page. It lists out the options and the plans that the developers, (or the contributors to be precise) have set for themselves. Here we go with what they planned

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility Xenia has been concentrating on Linux as of now. They appear to be facing issues with the development and on the lookout for an expert contributor to work on the deployment. They have also been thinking over OS X but waiting for support from Apple.
  • Backward compatibility  Attempts are on to make the original Xbox games compatible with Xbox 360. Microsoft has introduced the compatibility layer for enabling the original games to be playable on Xbox 360.
  • Live Network  Xenia is not likely to be able to connect with the original Xbox Live network. They are working on the possibility of a Live-like connectivity option.
  • Game Servers Xenia is looking to make servers more versatile and powerful. Peer to peer gaming may need servers. We may need to wait for the exact status later on.

How to get Xenia Project?

You can visit the official page for more details on how to download the Xenia Project. The project is not yet available as an executable file. You can get hold of it only if you are a developer yourself.

The source code is available on the site, and you can grab the releases as you would wish to. Please note that you may need to have the programming knowledge to be able to use the program. The program needs you to compile the files. The site provides you with complete instructions on how to do it. In any case, if you have no expertise in compiling the files, we would advise you not to indulge in downloading the source code.

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The Final Thoughts

Xenia has indeed been on the right road map. With a huge lot of fake emulators flooding the app stores, there is one developer, or a community working ruthlessly to provide us with an authentic emulator. With the way the project has been taking shape over the last year, we can definitely look forward to playing Xbox games on our PCs.

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If you are a developer yourself, you can consider joining them as a contributor. You may also join their community and make suggestions. Helping them in whatever possible way you can make the work more accurate, and we may hope to see the application in the real form quite soon.

You can visit Xenia.jp and do contribute in every positive way to make the Xbox Emulator project a success.


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