Six common mistakes to avoid when writing a research paper


Writing a research paper is definitely not an easy job. It is not even something that you can successfully complete within a day. Even the best research papers can be messed up by the silliest mistakes made by a studentby accident. There are a few common mistakes that really affect the quality of the paper and stops it from getting the grades that you hope for. Some of those common mistakes that students usually make are discussed below.

  1. The wrong use of quotes

Papers that are related to history, literature, current events, and similar fields need you to incorporate direct quotes that are essential for discussing the subject. There is no need to put up direct quotes on a scientific or technical paper. It can indicate the fact that a student has a lack of understanding about the topic and is using the quotes to avoid explaining the topic himself/herself. It might not really please the grader.

writing a research paper

  1. Forgetting to proofread the paper

Things like redundant phrases, incomplete sentences, obvious wrong spellings, and other signs of a paper that are put together hurriedly, can really cost you. dearlyIf you are really in a hurry, you can hire research paper writing services to ask, “write my paper today.” If you are doing it yourself, then start with sufficient time in your hand so that you can proofread it properly before submitting.

  1. Submitting plagiarized paper

Plagiarizing violates the ethics of the research paper that you are writing, and it is something that you must avoid at all costs. You can be assured that your grader has gone through enough papers during the long time to notice a plagiarized paper when he/she just looks at it. You will lose out on grades for submitting a plagiarized paper. Be original in the content that you offer.

  1. Omitting the key components

There are certain key components that any grader looks for in your article, and these are the things that you should never miss out on. You should always write a proper thesis statement. The statement needs to be brief and precise. There is to be a summarizing of all the information that you include. You must also not miss out on the citation wherever it is relevant. The information that you include must be well-organized and authentic.

  1. Showcasing superficiality in the work

The purpose of a research paper is to interpret the results and not just stating them in a different manner. A superficial work is where the mechanisms aren’t ignored, or the mechanisms are explained properly and completely. Giving an elaborate explanation might not be easy, but the hard work that you put up for it will be worth it because the grader will appreciate the efforts that you put in the work.

  1. Not reading the previous work

Most students make this highly common mistake of not reading any of the previous works done on the similar subject areas. The part of literature review should be a crucial part of the research paper that you are writing. It helps you to understand the areas in which work has already been done and also indicates the contributions that you can make from your end regarding a similar or completely different topic that you choose. Besides, it will also help you stay away from submitting wrong quotations or data in your research work.

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Make sure that you do not let your grades be affected by making any of these mistakes as stated above.

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