Why You Should Be Working with a Managed Service Provider


No matter whether your business is small or big, can you imagine how large your IT department would have to be if it were to fulfill every single one of your companies IT demands? Just off the top of our heads, there are websites, internal systems, development, availability and disaster recovery. That is just to name a few as this list goes on and on! When you think of it like this, it would literally outstrip every single other department in your business. The budget and headcount chaos alone would cause huge problems and it would end up distracting you and your employees from the vital day to day running of the business as you would be so busy trying to manage the supporting technology. However, hope is not all lost as there is an easy solution to this problem which is to hire a Managed Service Provider (MSP) instead! If you would like to know more about Managed Service Providers and what they can do to ensure the smooth running of your business, be sure to carry on reading!

What Exactly is the job of a Managed Service Provider?

When you implement an MSP, they will be able to help you bridge the gap between the capacity of your IT department and also the increasing demand for high-performance business technology that is stable and fast-moving. It can help you to do this by creating solutions for the intricacies of public and private clouds. They can use their expertise and resources to package up technologies, software, and solutions and then give them to you as a well-rounded service. The main benefit of using a Managed Service Provider is that they will add a competitive advantage to your business.

The Top Benefits of Working with a Managed Service Provider

After reading the above information of what exactly managed service providers can do for your business, you may be asking yourself, well, why cant I just do this myself? Here, we take you through all the different reasons why you should be hiring a MSP.

Enjoy Infrastructure on Demand

Do you know what cloud infrastructure is and how to successfully implement it? This infrastructure is configured with code and it can take in-house engineers months if they are developing these scripts to configure all of your applications from scratch.

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When you use Managed Service Providers, they will have access to entire libraries of scripts that are ready and waiting to go! These scripts will only need to be slightly changed for your business’s unique situation, but they will already have attendant security and compliance solutions in them. This means that instead of wasting valuable time and money on in-house engineers, you can have your managed cloud solutions up and running in absolutely no time at all!

Allow Developers to Focus on the Coding

Developing software can be an extremely time-consuming business and, as we all know, time is money! Your developers should always be using their time efficiently and when you use a fantastic Managed Service Provider, you can look forward to them taking care of all automation orchestration of infrastructure. This then means that your developers can focus on other software that is important and vital to your business.

Service Level Agreements Are In Place

When you hire Managed Service Providers, you will know exactly what you are getting, and this will be part of your agreement. So, you are guaranteed to get exactly what it is that you paid for. You will normally find that it is selectable based on the level of guarantee required as some will not need as high a guarantee as others.

Enjoy Proactive Support

When you hire great MSPs, they will be able to monitor your infrastructure. Whats more, they will also be able to proactively start resolution activities if there is, unfortunately, a drop in performance or there is a fault. You dont need to worry about this with Managed Service Providers, as they will take care of the problem quickly and efficiently before you are even aware that there has been a problem.

Best Practice Design Implemented

When you take on Managed Service Providers, you can take advantage of their huge range of experience and dedicated team of experts. This expertise means that they can offer you the very best in solution design and implementation. They can design company focuses cloud solutions every day!

Offload Some Functions

You will find that some IT activities can be very basic and are just really about keeping the lights on, while other IT activities are going to be directly contributing to the success of your business. When you hire Managed Service Providers, they can take away lots of the boring, mundane work away from you and this will then allow you to instead focus on the IT functions that are going to make your business a success.

Be Prepared for Certain Times of the Year

If your business falls into the same trap of not being able to deal with high levels of capacity at recurring moments throughout the year, then you will definitely want to look into hiring Managed Service Providers. They can help you by assisting with planning how much website capacity you are going to need and implementing flexibility into your infrastructure that can deal with this demand. After all, there is no point in buying big amounts of extra IT capacity if you are only going to get to use it a few times a year.

No Nasty Surprises

One of the great things about using Managed Service Providers is that with the capacity planning you will always know how much it is going to cost you and you will not be hit with any nasty cost surprises! When you are looking at financial forecasting and budgeting, this will be extremely helpful.

Use Professionals for Future Road Mapping

One of the best things about hiring Managed Service Providers is that you can use their expertise for future road mapping. This is one of the top ways of guaranteeing that your business is really resilient going forward. No one wants to be stuck with legacy on-premises gear in an ever-changing marketplace! This can, in the long run, cause serious problems for a business.

Value for Money

Last, but certainly not least, is value for money. With supplier dealings and wholesale purchasing, MSP can deliver the very best possible value for money to you.

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Now that you know all of the fantastic benefits of hiring Managed Service Providers, it is time to get them on board to drive your business towards even more success! Managed Service Providers should be able to understand your unique company and provide you with a bespoke service that is tailored to your exact requirements and needs. If you can find the right mix between working with a managed service provider and your own IT department, it can be a huge game changer for your business and you can look forward to much more prosperity in the years to come!