Windows 10 Upgrades to Cost you a Fortune After July


We all have been using windows on our laptop or pc since childhood and Microsoft have done well to keep its customers intact. After the disastrous launch of Windows 8, Microsoft had to bring out something that had bigger changes and could lift up the name again. Last year we came past by Windows 10, which honestly has changed the game for Microsoft. If you talk about previous versions, Microsoft used to charge you to upgrade to a newer OS version, but Windows 10 updates were let out free for use.

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What’s happening after July?

So after reading the heading, you would have this exact question in your mind. But you would know if you are aware of the fact that during the launch of Windows 10 last year, Microsoft stated that people would be allowed to upgrade and install the new OS freely for one complete year which as a matter of fact ends on July 29. The one-year free window 10 updates end on this very date, and you will have to pay $119 from this day onwards, talk about how cool free stuff is right?

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What was the significance of a 1-year free allowance?

Microsoft saw a major downfall in its sales and OS reputation after the launch of Windows 8 and 8.1 respectively. It became more sort of mandatory for Microsoft to come out with something that can bring back the positivity for its OS among people. The free 1 year windows 10 upgrades was a very thoughtful marketing strategy as Microsoft offered something new and for free which was a great deal, the design and interface received a lot of appraisals and people wanted to get rid of Windows 8 for a long time, so things fell in place with Microsoft new experiment.

Anyways, upgrade your devices to Windows 10 if you haven’t because after July it will cost you a fortune.

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