Windows 10 Smartphones Will soon be Available

Windows 10 Smartphones will soon be available in the market for sale. Microsoft is working towards the Octa-Core processors along with super powered graphic. The power and speed of these devices will be equivalent to the PC’s available. Microsoft also announced during Game Developers Conference that native FLAC audio format support will also be made available in the upcoming Windows 10 Smartphones. We all know that Mircosoft products are always good but beating the market of Android and Apple is far difficult. We found that many people doesnt like the interface of windows Smartphones and so they run towards Android. We think Microsoft should think over it in the upcoming smartphones.

What Microsoft Says about windows 10 smartphones?

As per Microsoft, the Windows 10 Smartphones and Tablets will have 8 cores CPU and super powered GPU. This smartphones will be made for gaming specifically. As per the Director Mr. Lfi Majid the new smartphones will come after this summer. They also announced that all windows smartphones are going to get windows 10.

Smartphones that will get Windows 10 Update

Only 3 handsets have been confirmed that will receive the update the phones are Lumia 435, Lumia 735 and gold editing Lumia 930. We all know that windows 10 is the latest version of operating system launched by Microsoft and they have added many new features and security. so we hope that we will get all these things in Windows 10 Smartphones as well.


30 Minute GDC sessions which is lead by Program Manager Lulian Calinov will be held soon. They may announce some Windows 10 smartphones in that session.  Microsoft is also working on lowering the battery consumption so that the phone will last for long after the full charging. They are also working over the design so that the device can cool down faster, but it may affect the performance.


Though, Microsoft didn’t revealed much. So the fans will have to wait for the presentation for the new windows 10 smartphones. Let’s see what we get

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