Some years back windows phone were launched in the market, and they tried to make a boom with the sharp and vibrant colors. But suddenly everything went quiet. But now VAIO has taken up the flag of the sky and shown its first Windows 10 Smartphone which looks far prettier.

These Japanese phone manufacturers kept the colors to be more muted so that they can provide classier looking materials. From the top to toe, the phone is well equipped with the textured finish that adds a great beauty to the phone.

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What’s good and what’s bad?

The phone is very elegantly designed, and so the people who love to have simple but good looks will surely love this phone. The new Windows 10 Smartphone is named as NuAns Neo Windows Phone. The good and the best part about this is that this phone looks like many hit phones launched in the past. The satin shimmer aluminum body can be seen on some Android phones in the market today. This is the reason why these phones look classy.

Another bad thing about this phone is that it offers 1080p resolution but the display quality is still not that good. If you tilt the phone a bit, you will find that the colors and brightness of the screen fade away. You can use this phone in daylight but then you will have to bring it to the full brightness level. Another weird thing about these Windows 10 smartphones is that it doesn’t have any USB-C port.

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Pricing and other details

As per the engineers the aluminum is designed in a way to give the phone a premium look. As we know no one likes to use the flip phones so its good that VAIO updated itself and came in the current market. This phone is available at $400 so just have a look and then decide.


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