Windows 10 is Spying on You – Know How you can Save Yourself


Windows 10 is awesome and it has many new features than its predecessors. Microsoft launched a full package for its customers no doubt. It’s the most user-friendly ever and works very smoothly. The new windows have been made by addressing all the major problems of Windows 8 and hence Windows 10 is the best windows ever.

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Many of us might have upgraded their PC and devices to Windows 10 and so everyone must know something shocking about it.

Have you ever read the “Terms and Conditions” mentioned by Microsoft? We know your answer is a big “NO” and it’s obvious that no one reads it because no one wants to spend his 2 or 3 hrs in doing this. But as per the “Terms and Conditions” of windows 10, they have full access to the data stored in your computer or device. If you don’t trust us then just read Microsoft terms here. You can even check the screenshot given below.

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If this news shivered you from bottom to top, then no need to worry you can opt-out of all this by following some steps, but by default, this feature is set to ON. Click here to know how you can opt-out.


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