Customer Communication Management Solution


You need every advantage possible in today’s business world. You have to have a brand that people can identify and connect with.

It’s harder to do that with so much competition and noise. How can you break through with your marketing messages? With a customer communication management system.

How can this type of system transform your business?

Read on to discover what customer communication management is and the top advantages of having such a powerful system in your organization.

What is Customer Communication Management?

The one place where companies can compete isn’t on price, but on providing a superior customer experience. Brands are analyzing and reviewing every single customer touchpoint to form a customer journey.

Customer communication management lets you have all of your outbound client communications in one central location. This includes invoices, renewals, welcome kits and marketing collateral.

You may think that it’s awfully similar to a customer relationship management solution. While there are similarities between the two, they perform different functions. They’re not competing solutions, but rather they complement each other.

You might already use a CRM to help your sales teams manage your customer relationships. They have things like contact information, customer notes, and preferences.

These are largely used by sales and customer service teams to move potential customers through the pipeline and manage those relationships after the sale.

A customer communication management solution adds a marketing component to a CRM. It helps you and your teams create a complete picture of the entire customer experience.

  1. Better Data Analytics

Do you know what your open rates are for emails or what your conversion rates are for your landing pages? Are you able to pinpoint where you are losing customers in the customer journey?

That’s what a customer communication management solution can do for your business. You’re able to create a complete picture of your customers. You know what messages and offers they respond to and which ones they don’t.

This level of data can let you make smarter decisions and adjust campaigns based on data, not on your gut feeling.

  1. Create Loyal Customers

Loyal customers mean more revenue for your business. Loyal customers spend more at your business than first-time customers.

Not only that, it costs much less to keep your customers happy than to constantly chase down new customers.

You create loyal customers by giving them a flawless customer experience. Every touchpoint is on-brand, which happens when your communications are efficient, personalized, and consistent.

That’s what a customer communication management system can do for your organization.

  1. Your Teams Work Together

Would you consider it a miracle when sales, marketing, and customer service work together? It’s very common to have these departments work in silos. They’re all critical points along the customer journey, so it’s necessary to have them on the same page.

The advantage that a customer communication solution brings to your company is that the data is centralized. That lets your teams access the information they need to deliver a personalized experience.

  1. Easier to Personalize Customer Service

Speaking of personalized customer experience, let’s examine why it’s so important to your customers. They respond to marketing messages that speak directly to them.

You can segment your customer database according to interests and where they are in the customer journey. It doesn’t make sense to send out correspondence to someone asking them to buy when they’re in the early stages of the journey. You can use a phone tree template after segmenting your audience to deliver specific messages to each subset.

  1. Comply with Data Regulations

What do the acronyms GDPRHIPPA, and Sarbanes-Oxley mean to you? They’re regulations that govern how you store and use your customer’s data. There are government regulations for various industries such as healthcare (HIPPA) and finance (Sarbanes-Oxley).

You are likely to have your own corporate standards that manage brand usage as well.

These can be difficult to track if you don’t have your communications organized and centralized, which is exactly what customer communication management tools do.

  1. Increase in Sales

It’s been established that better customer management leads to higher brand loyalty, decisions made on data, and the ability to deliver a better customer experience.

All of that will translate into higher sales. While you adjust and improve the operations side of your business, your customers will notice a much better customer experience. They will be more likely to continue to buy from your business.

  1. Easy to Scale

A customer communication management system is also easy to scale. Since everything is centralized, you’re able to turn on certain marketing campaigns easily.

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This is a great solution if you’re in the middle of a busy season, where you can scale up and down. You can also scale up as you experience business growth.

Implement a Customer Communication Management System

Now that you know what a customer communication management system is, how can you get one installed in your business?

Start by looking at your customer communication needs. What are the challenges that you face every day? Where are the inefficiencies?

For example, you may have noticed that your teams are duplicating efforts because your marketing collateral isn’t in one centralized location. That forces your teams to recreate the wheel and create new collateral.

Once you make a list you can start to evaluate different customer communication management solutions, such as this type of platform.

Customer Communication Management is a Wise Investment

Do you want to have a way to communicate with your customers that can increase your sales and create loyal customers?

A customer communication management system is the best way to make that happen. There are many advantages to having such a system in your business. You’ll have better reporting and your customers will get personalized messages.

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That’s what creates stronger relationships with your customers. Do you want more technology tips to help you run your business? Visit this blog regularly for the latest tech articles.