Why you are losing it if your business is not on social media


At the advent of Facebook back in 2004, the now social media giant became an instant sensation in US universities. Like wildfire, it quickly spread to universities in the UK and eventually every corner of the world.

Launched as “The Facebook” back in the day, the site profiled students and staff in colleges. It didn’t take long before it became popular beyond the corridors of universities.

Anyone worldwide with an email address can now register into the site. Though it merely began as a site where you could simply upload your profile picture, Facebook gradually metamorphosed into a vibrant social giant that revolutionized the internet.

New social sites

While everyone thought they had seen enough of Facebook, more was yet to come. Currently, there are more than a dozen social sites that leave you spoilt for choice on which site is better to opt into.

Just to name a few, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin dot the list. With 2018 not far from ending, Facebookboasts of more than 2.27 billion users. Such staggering figures have never been registered in the history of any social media site.

If you are still counting, the number of users on social media could as well be more than the $2 billion marks already.

As of today, Facebook is not just another social media site but an advertising company as well. If you own a business, it is no longer a question of whether to get on Facebook or not. Most businesses are now online if not planning to go online.

Business and social media

business is not on social media

If you own a business, you want to leverage on social media sites to do your advertising. With an all-time high traffic, the social media bubble is the one best thing that that has ever happened to businesses.

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All commodity types whether electronics, clothing, stationery or cutlery have now a robust market base online. Initially, businesses could do just fine selling locally and doing door to door promotions.

However, this strategy is old school as many established businesses have now realized the importance of blogs. Blogs are now useful as they help business to now advertise their products and services online.

With your business owning a blog, it is easier to connect to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. This gives business the added advantage of getting a bigger audience than offline businesses.

If you are a business that is out to gain traction online, you want to try out the auto like ig service. With as little as $6, you get 250 likes for up to the 5 posts you upload in a day.

Social media marketing

Thanks to social media, there is now the much-hyped social media marketing. With it, businesses not only connect easily to their existing customer base but also have an opportunity to market their brands to potential customers.

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That said, content marketing is one other line you want to pursue. Social media sites can help you to promote your content. This helps you to stand out as an expert author in niche content which builds you a reputable brand.

Even as business owners embrace this new way of doing marketing, not all look good on your ROI –Return on Investment. Social media in itself does a lot in promoting your brand and generating engagement but the same may not be said of revenue.

To wrap this up, social media marketing is a tool used for lead generation. If you write a social media post, your post could lead to more views and likes on your blog. Viewers who happen to share your post open you up to a new audience online.

Likes on your post and blog could lead to additional subscriptions and ultimately a buy on your blog. Fundamentally, social media marketing should be viewed as a communication channel and not necessarily a revenue generator. It’s a means to an end.

How to navigate social media with your business

As a business owner, you want to be clear on your business objective when using social media as a marketing strategy. Ideally, you want to be more creative and bring out your personal side that can make people connect with you more.

Some of the ways viewers could connect with your site or business include

  • Making referrals
  • Joining your mailing list
  • Clicking on a link that leads to your website
  • Buying a product

However, for viewers to make purchases on your site, you first need to establish your presence in the online space What brand are you presenting before your viewers and who is your audience. For instance, it is pointless to go head on onto Facebook when your entire audience is on Instagram.

If you have a site or blog, a social media platform is instrumental in driving traffic back to your blog. Engage and entice your audience with content that is relevant, gives facts and figures or has topical conversations.

As an online entrepreneur strive to create regular content that is unique. Make sure to incorporate graphics and videos that will spice up your content. If you are able to create a personality and culture they can identify with, you have an upper hand.

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You also want to use analytical tools on our site to help you track key metrics. Metrics you could track include the inflow of traffic to your website, enquiries you gain and the number of inquiries that convert.

All this done, you can now focus on selling stuff on social media. Luckily for you, almost every social site has an advertising platform. Facebook has Facebook Adverts. On Twitter, you will find sponsored Ads. Linkedin has Linkedin adverts.

The bottom line

An estimated 2.8 billion people dot the social online space. As a business owner, you have to position yourself strategically online so as to tap into this massive traffic. More importantly, work on establishing your brand and knowing your target audience. Once this is ready, use social media as a lead to getting customers for your product and services.