About Improving Your Speed Optimization


Speed Optimization: Optimizing your WordPress site will improve more than just the speed. Research suggests that the average attention span for an internet user is only a few seconds long. By optimizing your site for speed, you will reduce any likelihood of loss of traffic that may result from slow loading pages. More people will be able to visit your site, which means that you will be better placed to present your site’s content.

Aside from increasing your visibility, optimization will help you reach people in different places around the world. This may be key to growing your brand, and increasing your business outlay if you use your site for commercial purposes.

An increase in stature might also create an element of credibility for your site. It could improve your SEO ranking, which will increase your site’s prevalence at the top of most search engine results. Users will be more likely to reach to sites that are highly ranked, since they consider these as the most credible.

The influx of traffic, global levels of growth, increased visibility and high user satisfaction levels are som of the perks associated with speed optimization.

A few of these measures are easy to implement, and may only require installation of a plugin for Speed Optimization .

Speed Optimization

Optimizing Your Images

Using images on your site is a great idea. They will attract more users and will divert traffic to your site. However, using a lot of images will increase the page size and affect the overall load time. Using many images which are not optimized will increase your load time so much that users may avoid visiting your site.

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Before uploading images, you should make sure to run them through available online tools for optimization. You may also choose WordPress plugins to serve this purpose. For batch optimization, plugins are better than online platforms. You should not upload videos to your site at any cost, and should embed links instead.

Clearing Your Clutter

WordPress saves up every draft made for every post. If you take some time working on each article before posting, your site could have a number of drafts autosaved. You should delete all drafts of completed posts to prevent them from taking up any space and causing a cluttered site.

Update WP, Plugins and Themes

WordPress releases regular updates that are designed to fix any bugs from its previous releases, as well as introduce new features. For your site too run smoothly, you should install the latest version of the WordPress open source code. You should also regularly update your plugins and themes, to ensure that they function optimally. If these aspects of your site are all up to date, you will be less likely to experience lags and slow loading times.

As an added benefit, regular updates improve the privacy and security of all users who visit your site. For commerce based sites, this is an important aspect of trade. If your customers are not protected, any breaches might affect future trust levels in your business, which will impact its performance.

Choosing a Good Layout

If your homepage features a lot of details, it may require longer loading times. Sites with minimalist layouts require little time to load. You can achieve a minimalist layout by choosing the right themes or frameworks. When customizing your site, keep in mind all the features you need and discard any themes that offer contradictory or unnecessary features.

You could also reduce your page load time by taking up measures to reduce the amount of content displayed on the homepage. Instead of showing full articles, you may consider using excerpts. They will help guide users around your site to the specific articles of interest, as well as display additional content without weighing down your page. It could be key to increasing site visits. You may also reduce the number of comments displayed by breaking them down into segments, enabling user interaction without crippling your site.

Choosing The Right Plugins

Plugins offer a number of unbeatable features. Some plugins, such as Smush for image optimization, will help reduce page load times. However, having too many plugins, even if they have great features, can slow down your site.

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You should consider plugin management to help decide which of these tools are necessary for your site. Start off by eliminating any plugins that are not in use. Next, make a list of their functions and eliminate as many plugins with repetitive features as you can find. You should repeat until you are only left with an ideal number of plugins that are used regularly and offer unique functions to the site.

Using Delivery Networks

Your server will be overloaded by requests and cause slow response times for users if you experience high traffic levels. This will also be the case if your servers are not located near your target audience. If you are unable to employ sufficient server coverage, you may need to take up different delivery networks to overcome the problem. A content Delivery Network (CDN) stores static data from your site, including code, images and text on every available server around the world, which is delivered at every user’s request. It will reduce load times for people living in regions far away from the server.

You can also take up caching, which stores a copy of the site on the user’s interface.

Final thought

Speed optimization will improve visibility, efficiency and overall levels of user satisfaction. WordPress speed optimization services, if done comprehensively, will ensure that users do not experience anylags, and keep them on the page. It could be the difference that elevates your site into reaching the target audience that you seek, and developing a relationship with these users.

By optimizing your site, you will embrace the competitive advantage that makes your site stand out from the norm. Some of the measures mentioned above may require some technical knowledge. If you are unable to carry them out by yourself, or are unsure about any bit, you could consider professional optimization services.