Why social media likes matter to your business


In the twenty-first century, e-commerce has moved to a new level. Thanks to the development of social media businesses have an opportunity for quick, effective, and inexpensive growth. Now likes are almost equal to the new potential customers. Being popular online is now one of the best strategies for good sales.

social media likes matter to your business
social media likes matter to your business

In this article, we will try to find out how you can improve your profiles on social media to get benefits for your business and why it is so important. Here are some tips you can use for boosting your brand online.


When starting a business what you should do is to decide what social network you are going to boost. Simply talking, you divide your content into relevant groups, like:

  • Instagram is more about the photo or short video content, so you must concentrate on bringing up visual accents. Not just a logo, but the style and overall look upon your brand.
  • Twitter is a place where you can share news and interesting information about your business. You might also engage followers in lively discussions, surveys, or polls, which increases their loyalty to the brand.
  • YouTube serves you right for sharing some insights about your brand and is a highly effective tool for promotion through collaborating with famous bloggers.
  • Facebook basically combines all three purposes stated above and can be effectively used for customer service and receiving feedback.

          Those are the most popular social media platforms worldwide, but depending on your niche, you will find out what other networks can do best for your brand.


When promoting a business, one can find out that it is a hard candy. Gaining popularity in short terms without investments is hard work to do.  Every business needs advertisement, and social media tools work much quicker and for a lesser price, than traditional ads campaigns. Time is money, and to grow faster, you might use paid services. It helps to make social media algorithms work for you. The algorithm is that the more likes you get, the more people will see your post and thus spread it further.

 Nowadays using such services is simple and not risky at all, if you find a trustworthy one. Here is an example:

 You are an illustrator, and own a little postcard shop in Bristol, UK. Your business is at its very start and you have to get as many people as possible to know about your brand. You have already made up your mind that you want to promote through Twitter, because, you know, your postcards and posters are about important social matters. Anyway, how do you actually attract people to your Twitter profile without losing much time?

Surely, you seek for some fast and not too expensive boost for your account. You visit socialsgrow.com and get as many UK Twitter followers as you want. The followers you bought help you to gross some likes and live audience, and voila – you’ve got yourself a nice and loyal community of like-minded folks, who adore your illustration and are willing to buy products with it.

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Using paid services is not a crime or cheating if used wisely and in appropriate amounts. Don’t get carried away with the numbers you buy, and build a strategy to control the income of new customers. Every step, including buying followers or likes, has to be included in a marketing plan.


Social media allows you as a brand to communicate directly with a customer. This process is called “Social listening”. It is a tool that helps you as a brand to gather and analyze the feedback from your followers to use it for marketing plans and general improvement of your business. Social listening helps you to:

  • understand with what your potential customers want;
  • Provide better customer support;
  • Find out what’s happening with competing businesses and use this information to stand out;
  • React to bad feedback and solve critical issues faster and more effectively;
  • Increase recognition of your brand, etc.

People are catching up with their newsfeed for 17 times a day on average. So being active on social media boosts the popularity of your brand significantly. Driving your followers in a two-way conversation online is a good way to increase the number of new customers. Encourage them to ask questions, share their thoughts and ideas – and you will always be one step forward than your competitors who are not as social as you.

Another tip to remember – entertaining your followers is vital. Content that you produce has to be informative and interesting to discover. There are many ways to entertain your potential customers – making up exclusive contests, lotteries, or sudden flash sales.


The growth of social platforms created an innovative way of promotion – an influencer marketing strategy. Influencers are people, who set trends on the Internet. In recent years, collaboration with popular bloggers has become one of the musts for every brand that wants to be recognized. It is an easy way to reach new followers from the bloggers’ audience.

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At some point, influencer marketing works like word of mouth. People will more likely buy a product that their favorite blogger reviews and recommendations. People find the information given by influencers about products or services more trustworthy. No surprise that this strategy is constantly growing and nowadays is one of the most preferred by marketers worldwide.


The impact of social media on business is big and continues to grow. It has changed the relationship between customers and brands. Now the one closest to its customers in social media becomes a winner.

To succeed, remember a few things:

  • Create a “human face” for your brand. Express your values and opinions on different situations, follow and set new trends.
  • Work on communication between you and your followers. The reply to them, ask for their thoughts, react to their complaints, and thus increase loyalty to your brand.
  • Collaborate with people. Not only through the mentioned above marketing strategy. Engage your potential customers in games or challenges, start new hashtags or contests.
  • Care about your customers. Support them. Entertain them. Show true interest in their opinion and react quickly to any problems your customers can come up with.