Why Migrating to the Cloud Makes Sense for Your E-Commerce Store


If you’re an e-commerce store owner, it’s likely that you’ll spend much of your time thinking of ways to expand your brand exposure, keep your customers coming back for more, and increasing those all-important profit margins. What if there was one single action you could undertake today which would work to all of those ends?

If you weren’t already aware, 90% of organisations use the cloud in some form or another. In order to keep pace with the competition, it’s highly advisable that you consider moving your operations online, as well. Failure to do so could see you missing out on the following benefits of cloud migration and falling farther and farther behind your rivals.

Effortless scalability

One of the biggest challenges facing a new start-up or SME is the ability to scale up to meet customer demand. It can be a difficult balancing act to make sure you have access to enough computer firepower (in the shape of servers and processing capacity) to ensure your customers have a pleasant experience on your site, without overcompensating and spending money you don’t have on resources you don’t need.

Cloud Makes Sense for Your E-Commerce Store

With the cloud, that kind of logistical nightmare becomes a thing of the past. Since you outsource the use of servers to a third party, you’ll only ever pay for the resources you use. That means you can scale up or down as the situation warrants, without impacting upon your customer’s UX or your bottom line.

Manufacturing made easy

Getting your head around all of the nuts and bolts which go into manufacturing the products you sell can be a tall order. However, you can turn that challenging task into mere child’s play with the use of cloud manufacturing software, which can assimilate all of the information at the stockroom level and present it to you in one, at-a-glance overview.

As well as organizing the data surrounding your inventory, you can also integrate that information with real-time ordering updates, as well. By setting alerts to re-order the necessary materials, you’ll ensure that you’re never short of vital parts and never miss a delivery deadline, ever again.

Remote access

One of the chief ways in which the cloud is transforming business is the ability it affords business owners and employees to access their data remotely. Since all of your vital records are stored online, anyone can log in and review, amend and address the data from any device, at any time, anywhere in the world.

Not only does this facilitate flexibility in individual working habits, but it creates a conducive environment for collaboration, as well. Files stored in the cloud can be more easily shared than ever before, allowing team members to work on marketing campaigns or research and development ideas together, even while they’re physically apart.

Impregnable protection

Last but most certainly not least, the protections afforded by a reputable cloud computing firm can be worth their weight in gold. With the servers and the storage of your sensitive data outsourced to a dedicated third party, you can rely on their cybersecurity systems to keep your info safe – which is handy, because they’re likely to be far more robust than your own.

In a world in which data breaches can result in exorbitant fines from the authorities and irreparable damage to your reputation, cybersecurity should comprise a top priority. Thanks to the protection offered by the cloud, you can rest assured that your data is being stored safely and securely.


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