Though there is always a competition between iPhone and Android-based smartphones, it is a matter of the fact that both these platforms provide an excellent experience of technology. Both phones have good hardware specifications and have equally good applications that can offer a pleasurable experience to the users. Though iPhone has some advantages over Android phones; Android phones too in some or the other way stand ahead of iPhone.

There is one major area of iPhone that makes it gain popularity over Android which Google has failed to notice.

When it comes to application development, Android apps are easily pirated. This discourages the developers from building applications only for Android platform. Though application piracy has been existent ever since the development of applications began, it is increasing the demand for Android apps in the market.

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The best illustration for this would be the one that was mention in Forbes and The Verge. Yes, the approval of the most popular application called Altos Adventure. The game that cost$2.00 on iOs was given for free on Android. Also, there is a lot of scope for advertising as well, and that makes them think of monetizing the application.

Ryan Cash, a developer from Snowmans stated in Verge that though there is a way to find balance in the industry, it is good to let the player play fair. The Android users can have the same experience of using the app on iOs without paying a single cent.

Snowman along with a partnership with NoodleCake brought Altos Adventure to Android phones which experienced a huge range of piracy that made them get into advertising than making the application a paid one.

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Ryan Holowaty from NoodleCake said that piracy on Android is a big problem when it comes to premium iOS apps that cost not less than $0.99.

The company noticed that another game wayward soul that was ported from iOs got payment from just 11% of the installations. They also let Shooting Stars android version available on Torrent which cannot be completed on a pirate version of the game.

Though it is evident that Android beats the iPhone market, the mobile platform offered by Google will not be on the focus of the developers as most of the app users, do not prefer to pay for applications on their phone.

This sounded sensible to Holowaty as most of the individuals prefer not to waste money on games. In addition to this, he stated that the Android platform is vast and has developers all over the world. The games developed in countries like Japan and China are completely free to play. Hence, to make a name in the market, it is sensible to launch apps for free.

The reason for this huge market is that apps on Android can be installed not just from Play Store but also from various other websites and sources.

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The victory of Altos Adventure has inspired Snowman to give a free trial on Android. As per the study of The Verge, the studios still look out for a profit without compromising on the quality of the games.


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