Why Business Promotion on Instagram is Considered The Most Effective


Instagram ranks among the most promising social platforms for business promotion. First, the popularity of this network is growing steadily. At the same time, Instagram users demonstrate high engagement in interactions with each other and with brands. Secondly, Instagram allows publishing visual content that is perceived by users tens of thousands of times faster than text.

After reading this article, you will stop doubting the effectiveness of your Instagram promotion business and learn how to succeed on this platform.

Some statistics

According to the Pew Research Center, 17% of total social media users over 18 check their Instagram account daily, 57% of owners check their account at least once a day, and 35% do it several times a day. Moreover, the majority of users are young people aged 18 to 29 years. We’re talking about millennials who often make purchasing decisions influenced by trends.

What businesses are suitable for Instagram

If you’re selling services like life insurance, online trading, or repairing broken items, look for clients on Facebook and other traditional social media. Visual platforms, including Instagram, are more for selling products.

Looking at gender statistics, women dominate. So if you own a clothing, cosmetics, or home decor shop, Instagram is the best platform for finding clients. Don’t assume men don’t use social media. They do it less than women, but only slightly.

How to create a successful business account

The success of promoting on Instagram depends on your business profile, which will be visited by your potential customers. To optimize your account, you need to:

  • set your company logo or an image of one of your products as your profile photo;

  • use the name of your company and/or words that express the essence of the business as a username;

  • briefly describe the essence of your business;

  • include the contact information in the description, including the site URL.

Pay attention to your privacy settings. Your profile must be available to all users.

How to create Instagram content

Turn your Instagram account into a storefront. Invest in professional photography. Hire dedicated people or rent a studio and shoot products yourself. Pay attention to photo editing and creating a unique visual style. RetouchMe https://retouchme.com/ will help you with this. Post videos showing the product in use. If you are proud of the quality of your product, then do not hesitate to open the veil of secrecy and show the details of production.

Come up with multiple post formats and alternate between them. Communicate with your followers; offer them to choose which product color they like more. Invite your audience to participate in contests. Interesting competitions and valuable prizes effectively stimulate user activity. Use these tools to attract subscribers and get audience engagement.

Post entertainment photos from time to time and try to give your audience a reason to smile. It’s good if funny photos are related to your business.

How to promote a business account

Instagram offers both paid and free promotion opportunities. When you have a ready and filled profile, order an advertisement on Instagram where you can select a post and show it to a specific audience. You can do this right in the app, but you’d better set up a promotional post with your Facebook account for more settings.

Alternatively, you can order ads from bloggers. Ask the influencer of the niche you need to respond positively to your product in exchange for a gift or money. People respond well to advertisements when they hear them from someone they trust.

If you want to promote your business for free, then pay attention to the content. If Instagram sees that people like, comment, and share your posts, it will show them on the Explore page. Write hashtags (no more than 30 in a post) and indicate geolocation to be shown to a larger number of users.


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