An Introduction to Whatsapp Group Video Chat


The growth of the video conference app ZOOM keeps on rising ever since the rise of COVID-19 pandemic. Though experts have warned about the vulnerable and insecurity of using the ZOOM video conference mobile application. Still many companies prefer and their official meeting happening with the aid of the ZOOM video conference app.

Rival To Video-Meeting App ZOOM

To offer tough competition to the popularity of the Video-Meeting App ZOOM last week Facebook has launched Facebook Messenger Rooms. Meanwhile, with the messenger room, now Facebook messenger users can add a maximum of 50 members on their video chat.

Apart from that, Facebook has also confirmed that its sister application Whatsapp too will get a hike in the users’ limit on Whatsapp Video Call. So far, Whatsapp is one of the popular instant messaging platforms highly liked by people especially among young adults globally. Now, with the increased Group video call users’ limit. It is pretty clear that Facebook is on serious intention to provide tough competition to the Video Meeting App ZOOM.

Whatsapp Group Video Chat Facility

The announcement of increasing the users’ limit on Whatsapp group came sharply after Facebook launched Facebook Messenger Rooms. It allows FB users to do video chats up to 50 people. Currently, the beta version of Whatsapp in both iOS and Android includes such video chat features allowing users to do video interaction up to 4 members.

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With respect to the recent official announcement, WhatsApp testing video group chat as it provides in its beta version. However, unlike the Video-Meeting App ZOOM Whatsapp video group chat comes with an end-to-end encrypted form that tightens the security. From the start of next week, Whatsapp planned to launch its increased users’ limit of 8 members on its video group chat to every customer around the globe.

Bottom Line

The announcement from Whatsapp will be a great relief to its users on considering the predicament caused by COVID-19 as they will be in touch with their family members and friends who stay far away from each.