Most Common Website Pop-Up Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)


Most Common Website Pop-Up Mistakes:- In the modern marketing landscape, pop-ups have unfortunately earned a bad reputation. Since (in many cases) they just pop-up out of nowhere, many consider them to be a hindrance in the user experience of a website.

Even the modern user is used to simply close the pop-ups as soon as they come across them. In some cases, the offer on the pop-up is almost completely overlooked.

However, there are other studies that prove that pop-ups are incredibly efficient at converting visitors. Consider this:

The average conversion rate of pop-ups is 3.09%. On the other hand, the average click-through rate on promotional emails (across industries) is 2.78%. The best conversion rate for emails is enjoyed by the “hobby” industry and stands at 5.13%. On the other hand, the top 10% highest performing website pop-ups boast a conversion rate of 9.3%!

The point being, pop-ups are effective. “Bad” pop-ups lead to sour user experiences. However, popups designed with the right considerations in mind have the potential to convert visitors.

So why aren’t your pop-ups converting? What makes a pop-up “bad”?

Let’s find out:

Most Common Website Pop-Up Mistakes

Website Pop-Up Mistakes

Bad Timing

Timing is perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to perfecting pop-ups. Think about this scenario:

You visit a website expecting to get certain information but before the page even properly loads, a pop up slides on your screen and covers the entire page. As soon as you move your mouse, another pop up appears in the middle of the page.

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See what’s wrong here? First, the initial pop-up is messing with your experience on the website by blocking the information you came to obtain. Next, the second pop up appears even before you can do something about the first one.

Pop-ups that appear immediately result in bad user experience. On the other hand, pop-ups that appear after the user has spent some time on your website tend to be more efficient. You don’t need stats to confirm the authenticity of these statements, it’s simple logic:

If a user has spent some amount of time on your website and is still choosing to stick around, they like what they see. A user in this mindset is a perfect candidate to show a popup.

Difficult To Exit Pop-Up

Not having a clear button to close a pop-up on your website is another common mistake webmasters are known to make. This is also one of those common mistakes that give pop-ups the bad rep we discussed earlier.

If a user is disinterested in what is being offered in your pop-up and is unable to close it, it is safe to assume that they will close your website instead, and will never consider returning.

A couple of user-friendly ways to include a close option in your pop-up are:

  • A “close”(X) button at the top right corner
  • Program the pop-up to close if the user clicks anywhere except the pop-up
  • Include a negative call-to-action

Unclear CTA

The importance of a clear, concise CTA is part of every article you will read about improving the conversion rate of your pop-ups. In fact, we have dedicated a whole chapter to the same in our guide to launching eLearning popup banner campaigns

A clear and concise CTA will tell interested users exactly what they need to do in order to avail the benefits outlined in your CTA.

Lack Of A Valuable Offer

No matter how well-designed your pop-up is, or how actionable your copy is, nothing will make up for a bad offer on your pop-up.

The offer you make on your pop-up should be relevant to the user and should offer clear, preferably undeniable benefits. Moreover, your offer should justify the information your pop-up (or landing page) is asking for in exchange.

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Turning a bad pop-up into a good one doesn’t take a lot of effort. Apart from keeping the timing, offer, and CTA in mind, it is also important to ensure your pop-up design is consistent with your website design. A good pop-up looks like an extension of your website.

Finally, make sure you test out different variations of your pop-up to find the one that performs the best.

Did we miss out on any pop-up related mistakes you have seen people making? Share them with us and everyone else in the comment section!