We Can Expect a Hike in Google Gmail Security


We are coming across news that Google is going to hike its Gmail security. This decision is taken by Google so that to make emails more secure. We can expect that the people get a number of warnings whenever the government tries to steal the passwords or may get warnings for dangerous links and this will add more security to the Gmail users.

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Google recently announced this news on their official blog that they are expanding the safe browsing and from now on Gmail users will get more alerts that will be generated by the security system so that the users can secure their emails from the government trying to get the passwords.

Much Awaited Security Update From Google

We have already seen that Google has stopped the Gmail pages that have warning messages about state sponsor attackers as they believed that they were in danger, but now people will get full-page warning messages which no one is going to miss.

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Google also states that there is a chance that the false alarms or messages may be generated, and the reason is not going to be revealed so that the attackers won’t be able to know how they are caught up.

Google also said that only 0.1% of Gmail users would face this enormous number of alerts and most of them will be journalists, progressive policymakers, and activists.

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This new email warning system was launched 5 years back when Google brings out safe browsing. This new regime of full-page warning was launched at the same time. This would also save the users from scams, malware and harmful software. This means we can say that safe browsing is getting updated and will start to show up full-page warnings whenever you make click on any malicious or suspicious links within the Gmail.

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Google also joined hands with the big email service providers like Comcast, Yahoo, and Microsoft, so they will be able to work on new standards of email and its system. They will also collaborate with the system in which the emails will be sent under a secured and encrypted channel. This will decrease the chances of attackers to intercept any email and will be much harder for them to get access to anyone’s mailbox.


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