Ways to Improve Your Gaming Skills


Gaming skills: Video games are fun, but playing competitively gives a whole different kind of pleasure. There’s the ecstasy of defeating a difficult opponent, and there’s the sense of pride and accomplishment of watching your rank rise in the ladders.

Part of the joy in competitive gaming is in seeing yourself grow as a player in terms of skill and perhaps even attitude. A good measurement for your abilities is in your placement in a game’s rankings. However, those are never set in stone, as other players will also seek to improve their skill and rank. Thus, competitive gaming is a constant stimulus for self-improvement.

If you’re into competitive gaming and are looking to hone your gaming skills, consider these tips.


Practice Playing for Keeps

Some sports athletes and coaches have a motto: “Practice like it’s game day.” That means that, when they practice, they visualize that they’re in a real match. They do that to condition their mind and get more out of their training.

That doctrine is applicable to video gaming too. Video games can be just as exhilarating as real sports are. Though technically, you’re always playing a game, if you imagine that you’re competing in a ranked/ladder match, you’ll become more capable of handling the pressure and stress. When you enter a real tournament, your nerves and mindset will remain as calm as possible, allowing you to make smart decisions and precise reactions.

Get a Good Gaming Rig

Going off on the above point, it’s also crucial that you get your own powerful gaming PC to mimic the same environment as that of tournaments. If you’re playing competitively, your machine needs to function at a high level, and you need to get used to the fast pace of competitive gaming.

Do note that “perfect practice makes perfect.” If you keep practicing with a terribly low frame rate, you’ll only be limiting your abilities. Some pro gamers, even though they have a powerful PC, switch a game’s settings to a minimum to ensure their frame rates remain high.

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In some games, the lag from a weak PC can also affect other players, regardless of their setup. When that happens, most of them, upon knowing who the source of the latency is, may opt to kick that person out of the match.

Play, Play, Play, Play, Play

The more you play, the better you get. Professional gamers aren’t just playing around for fun; they keep playing and playing and playing. Top e-sports players even say they practice twelve to fifteen hours a day, and that includes team sessions and solo games.

You don’t have to follow a pro gamer’s regimen to the letter, but you will want to play as much as possible if you want to get good. And focus your time on one game, style, or character. You won’t improve your skills if you keep switching. Remember Bruce Lee’s words of wisdom: “I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times.”

Case in point, the best e-sports players are known for a single game. Competing in a different game usually takes them a while to transition.

There Is Never an End

Gaming is a lifetime passion. There will be new games coming out every year and new players entering the fray. That said, there is never a lack of challenge.

That’s true for life as well. Thus, you must always seek to improve yourself not just as a gamer but also as a person. Never stop improving your skills.

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