Watch TV Online – List of Apps you can Use to Watch Online TV

Watching TV online can be much easier now. As we know, the future is not very bright for all those who own a cable TV connection for watching various TV shows because of the likely merger of the two giants namely Comcast and Time Warner.

This will further reduce competition and would increase the cost of the monthly bill that you pay for your cable TV connection. But, if you have a good internet connection your chances of saving those bucks become more, and you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows in the price of your internet connection only.

There are many advantages of watching TV online such as:

  • You do not remain time bound
  • You can watch any show, anytime and as many times as you want
  • You can watch your favorite shows anywhere and do not need to wait to reach home.
  • You can watch even TV series online and that too at your convenience
  • You can even watch your favorite TV shows online on the go
  • The most important of all the advantages is that you don’t have to pay for it- it is free of cost!
  • Many a time the people who like to watch TV in foreign languages also find free online TV very useful as they can watch TV in their own language and of their own interest.
  • Due to free online TV, many people even have started taking an interest in foreign language shows.
  • There are apps available which allow you to watch your favorite TV shows online
  • Also, you could watch old TV shows along with the new ones to reminisce old times.

Here is a list of all the means and methods that will considerably reduce your dependence on the cable TV connection and let you watch TV online thus saving you a lot of money without putting a break for your entertainment.

Check out this list


Hulu is a website that publishes various TV shows of different TV channels and thus lets you watch free TV online. The thing that makes Hulu a good alternative to cable TV connection is that it does not take much time in publishing the episodes shown on the channel. At the maximum, it takes not more than one day to publish the TV shows online.

The shows are even arranged according to your preference and alerts are sent by Hulu for the new episodes being aired. The only thing of concern is that this site has commercials and the episodes get expired after a few weeks time.

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Network Websites

The various news channels have their websites, and they show the episodes which were aired on TV on their websites too enabling you to watch television online. Mostly the sites publish the most recent episodes of the shows aired on their TV channel and at the max five latest episodes. Some may post the shows a day after they are aired on TV while the others may post them right after they are aired on TV.

There are other channels that do not publish their shows online until up to one week. The problem arises only if you want to watch the episodes that were aired much earlier because they get deleted. Also, the spoilers may try to spoil your fun by giving out the suspense of the show before you can watch them.


Crackle is not known to provide a lot of things to watch, but one thing that they are known about is that they enable you to watch TV series online. Crackle offers a host of full TV series, and you could choose from these TV series to watch from. Apart from this they even have some movies that you can watch along with TV series online.

The drawbacks will include the lack of variety and ads to cope up with.  You may, or you may not opt to register with the website, but for the registered customers the website will automatically suggest and organize the shows. This site is safe to watch TV online as Sony Pictures Entertainment owns it.

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This website is a news channel based website and collects news from all over the world to bring it on one platform, and that is Live Station. The big news channels of the world such as Al Jazeera, Sky News, Reuters, BBC and many more channels’ news are compiled here on this website allowing you to watch the news on free TV online. This is a good website to watch TV online, but sometimes there may be issues while streaming of the videos.

There are available two versions of the website one is free, but you will have to bear with the ads in the free version. The second version is the premium paid version where you just have to pay $5.99 every month, but you can avail a lot of HD channels sans commercials. The drawback that can be stated here is that the streaming of the videos may take a little more time than you are used to.

The site as such may look like a blog site which writes blogs for TV shows reviews and news, but on hitting the videos tab, you will witness a great many episodes of the new episodes of lately aired shows. There is a lot of similarity of this website with Hulu, but there is a difference that here the number of channels are less and the so are the number of ads. The watching of free TV online through this website is legal as it is owned by CBS Interactive.

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Due to more and more people using a lot of internets, it has become a trend to watch TV online and on the go. No one wants to sit in their homes alone and to watch television. It is boring and makes you aloof of all that is happening all around you. Nowadays youngsters want to be connected and still have their privacy. This has been made easy by the availability of free online TV.

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