5 Best Free Websites to Watch Live TV on your PC


When you search for free websites to watch live TV on my PC or laptop, there are hundreds of options shows on the internet. There is a number of online streaming services available to watch live TV shows and movies. Some top live TV services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu are still going strong.

So, if you have a fast internet connection on your PC, then you can easily turn your laptop OR Desktop into a home theater to watch live TV, movie series, live sports, news, etc without paying a penny.

Is watching live TV on your Laptop legal?

This totally depends on how you are watching TV on the internet determines if it’s legal or not. Regularly, the most straightforward approaches determine if the content is legal is if it content has ads or a sponsor. The products of the content cannot afford to release their content without some type of sponsorship. If you are downloading or watching TV without their permission or buying a sponsorship plan, it may be illegal.

Best Websites to Watch Live TV on Computer Free

There are hundreds of online streaming websites that provide the facility to watch live TV on your computer for free. Here we are listing some top-notch live TV for PC websites. Let’s start at…


Watch live TV on computer free

Vudu is one of the best websites where you can watch live TV shows and movies. It has an incredibly large collection of movies and TV shows for you to rent OR buy. Vudu prides itself on getting content before it is available on Blu-ray OR DVD. So it is very useful for people who are interested to watch the latest movies and TV shows first.

It also has a plan where you pay to convert DVDs to digital content. Vudu is also a part of movies anywhere. So, you can watch the digital content you bought on other supported services and vice versa.

Pluto TV

Watch live TV on computer free

Pluto TV is the second-best website for free movies and TV shows. The website offers more than it speaks of without charging you any fees. You get straight access to 250+ channels with thousands of TV shows and movies. Pluto TV is owned by Viacom, which provides HD content for free. The only problem is unscrupulous ads, which you won’t be able to skip.

But if you are looking to save some money, these ads won’t affect your viewing as you still have lots of stuff to watch. Pluto TV doesn’t list its channels, yet it has a vast network of News channels.


Watch live TV on computer free

Hulu is another great for streaming TV shows but at the same time, it is home to the latest movies as well. The only issue is that Hulu is only available in the United States, its territories, and Japan. The service is available on almost all platforms. The monthly fee for using Hulu is $7.99 however at the time of publishing this review; Hulu was offering its services for $5.99 a month.


Watch live TV on computer free

Previously known as Rainerland, Lucnhflix is a simple yet smartly built platform to access the latest Movies and TV shows. Its list of content seems endless as there is no end to the recently released videos and TV Series’ amusements. The thing that makes Lunchflix unique is the searching and sorting of movies year-wise. You can search for a movie or a TV show specifying its release year, and the same goes for seasons.

The film series is already sorted so, if you are a huge fan of the Harry Potter or Marvel Series, you’ll just fall in love with Lunchflix. If you happened to have missed out on the best movies in 2018 or 2019, check the entire array of movies on Lunchflix, and there you go.


free live tv on pc

Today’s most popular live-streaming website Disney+, Launched in November 1019, Disney+ is already home to more than 28.6 million subscribers. The Disney plus service is not limited to Disney movies you can also enjoy firsthand content from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic (NAT GEO).

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