Washing Machine that we can Carry in Pockets


Haier launched a new pocket-friendly washing machine. It looks like some kind of a joke, but this is absolutely true. Haier’s new mini washing machine which is named “CODO” is so small in size that one can easily carry it in their pockets. It is cylindrical in shape and one can easily operate it with their one hand. This is one of the best gadget in 2015.

On one side it has a water nozzle and which works as a piston as well and it cleans the clothing it is applied to. One just has to hold it at the stained part of the clothing and just move it around, it will easily clean up the stains.

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This new gadget is really impressive at some points but at some points, it does not perform well. This device is not made for daily washing; it is made for the situations when something like food spoiled your clothing when you are at a party or having dinner. This new gadget can clean up the stains, but it cannot make your whole shirt or dress fresh so at the end of the day you will have to take the help of your original washing machine.

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It is powered with 3 AAA batteries and it weighs just around 200gms. The battery is enough to give your 50 washes and it takes only 30 to 120 seconds to clean up the stain. It has a water reservoir which stores 200ml of water. One can store a mix of liquid and water to the reservoir so that you can get better cleaning.

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One should get this because you never know when something spills on your dress. It cost around $66 as of now.


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