How VOPI service Will Change Your Internet Calls?


VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has been a blessing in disguise. Especially for large businesses. This has been because of the help it renders in lowering your phone bill and make use of the advanced technology in communication services. But, is it the ultimate technology? Just as we are looking at the wide benefits that VoIP has been able to offer, we would draw your attention to a new technology that is set to change the scenario for good. How do VoPI and VoIP differ from each other? That is precisely what we will be covering in this discussion on how VOPI service is set to change your long-distance business calls.

VOPI – What It Is?

Well, VOPI is the new standard in Internet telephony. VOPI stands for Voice over the Private Internet. In fact, it is a part of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. You can safely say that all VOPI services are VoIP, but all VoIP services cannot be VOPI.

VOPI service
The major difference lies in the way the communication takes place. VoIP lets the consumer have communication over the public internet. VOPI, on the other hand, uses a private network for voice and data. The private network designed for communication purposes is optimized for high quality.

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What makes VOPI stand apart in comparison to VoIP is the fact that it is fully managed by the telecom operator and offers high-quality data and voice communications in sharp contrast to the regular VoIP service that is completely unmanaged.

Salient Features of VOPI

Well, we have explained what exactly is VOPI. Instead of focussing on one particular purpose and the end product, the technology works for the betterment of the services in varied directions. A few features that would make it an interesting option are –

  • The connection is never shared with other subscribers.
  • The private network is completely owned and managed by an ISP or Internet Service Provider.
  • It makes use of multiple Session-Based Controllers

High-end privacy and security are a couple of features that we would like to associate with VOPI. The stability is one of the aspects that tends to offer you seamless internet connectivity that normally does not go down.

Advantages of using VOPI Service

VOPI, an advanced form of VoIP, is more advantageous in more ways than one. A regular VoIP call may suffer from a few issues, while VOPI based service can effectively address these issues. Here are a few advantages that you can experience with a VOPI service.

Best In Class Call Quality

A regular VoIP service can suffer from a few issues. Jittery voice and data packet losses are a couple of problems that you may experience, which you may be able to get rid of if you opt for VOPI services. The IP based voice solution offers unprecedented reliability and quality to your long-distance business calls.

High End Security

VOPI is a service that has redefined security for the VoIP services. DoS or Denial of Service attacks is a few common factors that would affect you on a regular VoIP service. Hacking attempts and call flooding are some of the issues that may affect you. Since VOPI services use the ISPs own private networks, these issues have been well addressed.

Affordable Long Distance Calls

You can keep in touch with your customers, clients, and employees seamlessly – thanks to the high performance and secure long-distance calls without any issues with respect to call security. In fact, communication is one of the important aspects of a business, and having access to the best quality of high-end long-distance business calls is a huge necessity and VOPI handles it efficiently.

VOPI as a tool in Long Distance Busines Calls

One of the essential features that you should ensure in a long-distance business calls is the exceptional call clarity and reliability. The competitive rates are another aspect that you would look for. VOPI does ensure that it takes care of these requirements.

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The hosted VoIP solutions just like those in VOPI offer you the best ever functionality in terms of account management and accountability. Control the calls and their management with ease, thanks to the VOPI enabled high-end performance.

In Conclusion

Whether you are checking it out for the business requirements, or any other option as such – but it would be worthwhile to understand that VOPI service or Voice over Private Internet is the best option for your requirements. VOIP is synonymous with privacy, security, and stability. The service has been worthy of faith and is managed by the service provider completely.

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We assume that this introduction to VOPI technology has been instrumental in making you understand the concept and how it works. We would advise you to check the benefits associated with it and reap the benefits of Voice over Private Internet. Do share your views, opinions, and experiences with us.