Choosing a Visitor Management Software?


Does your business track visitors? What does your visitor check-in process look like? Are you reading these questions wondering why you don’t have a visitor policy and procedure in place?

Having a process in place to manage visitors on-site is essential to ensuring the safety of your business and employees but it also goes one step beyond that to managing the visitors and the time frames and keeping an organized schedule for visitors.

Visitors expect to see the organization and a defined process and it’s important for you to have something in place to help this process run smoothly.

5 Must-Have Features for Visitor Management Software

There are numerous Visitor Management software options on the market. Most of them are quite affordable and they do all of the work for you so you don’t have to worry about the minor details. Additionally, these software options provide logged tracking to ensure security measures for your business.

1.      Visitor Badges

Every visitor to your facility should wear an ID badge that properly identifies them as a visitor. Your visitor management software should allow you to personalize and manage these badges and to print them when the visitor arrives or even ahead of time.

Badges can often be programmed to specific accesses and allow security so that others recognize the individual is a visitor.

2.      Scheduling Capabilities

Your visitor management software should allow your visitors to schedule specific times. And will allow your visitors to simply register online. Rather having to undergo an intense registration process when they are on-site.

Having the ability to schedule visitors through your software helps to make this a more efficient process. Particularly if you are hosting events or have a large number of visitors.

3.      Integration

With the proper visitor management software, you should be effectively able to manage various types of visitors – from contractors to new hires to even attendees and so forth you can take care of the specific needs based on what the visitor will be there for.

Integrating visitor management software allows you to notify the employee or group they are visiting, run them through processes, and source out responsibilities so there is no question of what else needs to happen.

4.      Reporting Features

For a visitor management system to truly be effective, you want to be able to run reports and look for trends as well as other data information. Using data from visitor management software ensures that all visitors are tracked so you can review history and determine who was in the building as well as when and why.

5.      Simplicity

The last thing you want is to have software that is hard to use. Look for features that are simple to use and understand but will also provide you with the effectiveness and security that you need from your software.

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Visitor management software comes in many different forms and options. As technology continues to advance, features will also continue to become more defined and available. Embrace the options and understand that the software is there to benefit you!