Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android In 2020


Virtual Girlfriend Apps: Every man needs a girlfriend, a partner, or a friend in his life to share every moment of his life. But unfortunately, each one cannot get such a person to hear him every time. A few years back this communication with a girlfriend was limited only to film and videos. But now a day’s technology is on high and it creates virtual girlfriend apps for Android and iOS user to chat, flirt and date with them. Are you searching for this type of apps? Then you are the right place!

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Here in this article, we catalog the top 15 famous virtual girlfriend apps for both device users. With the help of these apps, they can make love, discuss their life goals and achievements. Now you don’t require to stay single!

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You just need to use virtual girlfriend apps and chose a girlfriend of your own choice.

  1. Virtual Anime Girl:

Virtual anime app is one of the most famous virtual girlfriend apps for Android and iOS users with the paid option. It is planned with fully 3D animation graphics, cute outfits, and lots of funny dance moves. You will really enjoy with your anime girl. You can make your own anime girl with your choice. This app also uses as a dancing app to discover new dance steps.

  1. Me Girl Love Story:

Me Girl Love Story app is a 3D dating and fashion related game app for both device users created by Frenzoo. Here you can make new partner chat, flirt and for dating them virtually. There is lots of dazzling fashion, makeup; different men for flirt and date are available here virtually in this app. beside with this we get plenty of fun stories and quests. This app is free for both device users.

  1. My Virtual Girlfriend:

My Virtual Girlfriend app is a game app for Android and iOS users developed by WET production for funny dating and flirting purpose. In this game, your goal is to choose a date and romance her in your way till she falls in love with you. There are more than a thousand virtual girls listed in this app to date. There are more than 35 levels offering in this game and some of them are zombie and vampire girlfriend option also which quite interesting and different. Beside this, there are some smart artificial intelligence options features also available.

  1. Choices:

Choices is a story game app created by Pixelberry Studios for both device users. It is free and very easy with no need for Wi-Fi. It has lots of drama story collection which related to topics like romance, love, horror and many more. Where you can choose your drama story game. Also, you can customize the main character as per your requirements before starting the game and enjoy their constantly growing library with weekly updates.

  1. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie:

My Virtual Girlfriend app is a very popular app created by Paphus Solution Inc for Android and iOS users. It is just the right app which permits you to build a new friend and chat with stranger virtual girlfriends. Using this app you will be proficiently chatting with a real voice and real 3D animation. Along with this, this app conveys emotions such as like, dislike anger and executes some action such as kiss, laugh, sleep etc.

  1. Laura:

Laura is a clever virtual and personal assistant app design for both device users. It helps the user to answer their questions and tell them information about their weather, location, the distance between two cites. Besides these, it also translates sentences and phrases from English to Spanish, Russian, and French. You can also use it to know more about your virtual friend with Laura emotions during the discussion.

  1. ChatBot:

This is another famous virtual girlfriend app for Android and iOS users. A chatBot is a talking robot which you can use for pranks your friend and teaches funny jokes. You can control the behavior of your robot and make your virtual girlfriend. It identifies what you said or written and responds properly with emotion and funny sound due to its great artificial intelligence feature. With the help of this, you can create good jokes and fake chat.

  1. Pocket Girlfriend:

This is a very new virtual girlfriend app which is your lover, friend, and confident. She has some essential needs like sleeping, eating or playing and you need to complete them and enjoy your app. You can talk to your girlfriend with the use of a microphone button or with chat. You can earn points with real money in this game so you need to take care of it with lots of pampering.

  1. My Virtual Magna Girl:

My Virtual Magna girl is a 3D anime app created for both device users. Here you can change the eyes, hair, cloths of your Magna girl. In this app, there are plenty of inbuilt hairstyles listed. You can use any of them to change the hairstyle. You can also enjoy the movement of your Magna girl and 3D animation with a rotation of 360 degree due to which you can see their position. Beside with this, mini-games and complimentary offers are other lovely features to enjoy with Magna virtual game.

  1. Virtual Girlfriend Love story:

This is a billionaire’s love and breaks up the app for Android and iOS users. This is a virtual drive of teenagers love in high school with their crush. It is an immense and multi-use app which can be used for the virtual stretching app, virtual gym etc. using this app you can simply connect with a virtual dance party with a virtual dance partner or virtual girlfriend for a date, flirt, and chat.

  1. Virtual Girlfriend Joke:

This is another famous app for both device users. It is an app where you can interact with your virtual girlfriend. There are many virtual girlfriends listed here, you just need to choose one of them and start a funny chat with her. This app also uses as a prank app to create prank with friends, family, and others.

  1. Anime Girl Run:

Anime Girl Run is a continued existence Magna love app created by freestyle game for both device users. In this app, the Magna comic superhero has to run off from her enemies to stay alive. You need to help her to survive and complete her adventure. This is a very interesting and fun race. If you win the fighting anime Magna hero survives. Here you can choose different kogal characters in Kawaii school uniform.

  1. Dream Girlfriend:

This is a very popular virtual girlfriend app created by ambition for both device users with both free as well as an app to buy option with different features. In this app users can experience a lot of interesting features available such as clothes, hairstyle, eyes and many more. In this app you can educate your girlfriend, more she learns the more personalities she’ll unlock.

  1. Idle Girlfriend:

Idle Girlfriend is the latest artificial girl simulation system app for both device users. In this game, you just need to collect bubbles every day and fulfill her necessities. If you fail to generate her necessities on time she will be angry. You can also purchase lots of props to her due to which she learns new skills.

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  1. High School Girlfriend Breakup:

This is free and easy to use virtual girlfriend app for both users created by Vasco Rouw. In this app, Layla is a romantic high school student falls in love with Sam, the quarterback. Layla wants to go to beauty salon and you need to help Layla to clean up and makeup and get ready for the game of her dreams, it is one of the games where you find plenty of virtual girlfriends features such as choice, cleanup, breakup, makeup and many more.

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