Best Virtual Boyfriend Apps In 2020 for Android / iPhone


Do you feel lonely? Do you get bored? Do not worry as we bring you to top 10 virtual boyfriend apps 2019 for both iPhone and Android that enables you to choose your dream boyfriend and can further customize his avatar/appearance – you can date him, chat with him even can do a prank with your friends saying you have a boyfriend.

Virtual Boyfriend Apps

Here are the Best Virtual Boyfriend Apps [Android / iPhone]


1.    My Virtual Boyfriend Talk iPhone

This is one of the best virtual boyfriend app specially developed for iPhone in 2020, and this app lets you have a stimulating conversation with your virtual boyfriend. Moreover, you can talk to your virtual friend on any topic. Here, you will get three choices to pick the perfect match for you. So, go ahead and enjoy your virtual boyfriend.

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2.    My Virtual Boyfriend  Free iPhone/ Android

This another best virtual boyfriend app for both iPhone and Android 2020 which is designed and developed by Wet Production Inc. With the review, it is contemplated that My Virtual Boyfriend Free is the most happening, flirty, and fun dating simulation app. The primary goal of this application is to choose the man of your dream, and you can date as long as you want even to progress as much as you want until he fell in love with you. Within the app, you can discover thousands of boyfriend avatars, and characters to date as all of them have unique appearances and personalities.

All you need is to pick the one from given thousands of choices in virtual boyfriends. Here, the virtual boyfriends are categorized majorly on personality type like, the lover, the metrosexual, Geek, Urban, alpha kind, and many others who are designed to melt your heart with romantic inclinations and poetic compliments. Once you start engaging with your virtual boyfriend, then you can also enjoy the mini-dates or have the dinner date with the one. You also even get the option to tickle him, touch him or even slap him, you can give him a new dress, gift him. It has many other exciting options also.

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3.    Dream Boyfriend- Astral Days- Android

This another interesting virtual boyfriend app is developed by Ambition Co Ltd. Like other apps in this list, this also enables you to personalize your virtual boyfriend – you can customize his hair, clothes, and speech among other attributes. This right thing about this app is it constantly updated by the developers that give you much freedom of customization. If you genuinely want your man unique then this right app for you as it offers you limitless variations. You can customize his personality, clothes, height, face, and hairstyle, etc.

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You will control all these features and much more. This app also comes with Live2D technology that adds a silver lining to it as it allows the rare outfits that changes based on the emotions. The total you will get eight personalities to select from and can work, chat, or go to dates with them. It also lets you earn game money and unlock new content as you progress. It also offers you style points for guys and romantic moments for ladies.

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4.    Smart Virtual Boyfriend iPhone/ Android

This app allows you to chat with the most intelligent and smart virtual boy. Even it enables you to send pictures to him. You can also customize in other words, personalize your virtual boyfriends’ attributes like age, name, and photo. It is an interesting virtual boyfriend app.

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5.    Simulator Virtual Boyfriend Android

Smile apps and games created this app, and it is trending in 2020. Here you can experience the simulation of a real boyfriend. Here, you can easily find a smart and funny virtual boyfriend; even it lets you search for the perfect man and pick the ideal personality with whom you can chat. You can also ask questions to him.

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6.    My Virtual Gay Boyfriend Free Android/ iPhone

Again, this app is also developed and designed by Wet Production, and in this app, you can conveniently explore interesting avatars and dates with gay men. This is an entirely flirty and fun virtual simulation dating app. Here, you can easily browse a wide array of hot guys and choose the best matching your criteria; each avatar created within the app have their unique appearances and personalities. You will come across here personalities from geek to smooth twinks to gym jocks and manly bears.

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Here you will experience all types of men to choose from and progressively added to your profile as you level up in the app. This much looks like a real dating app, though it is a virtual app.


7.    Paphus Solutions Inc’s My Virtual Boyfriend Eddie for Android

This app is quite flirty and fun yet engaging as a virtual dating app. In this app, you can quickly browse a wide selection of hot and happening guys, and each of them comes with their unique appearances and personalities. Download this app now and start chatting with your virtual boyfriend.

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8.    RoboBot Studio’s Virtual Boyfriend Simulator for Android

This app is quite amazing, and you can easily create your dream boyfriend that perfect man you are waiting to be in your life. Like other apps in this list, it also gives you an option of customizing your selected avatar/boyfriend like his hairstyle, clothes, speech and much more. If it interests, you then download this app now and start creating your dream boyfriend. Go ahead with interesting customization features to make it personalized.

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9.    Virtual Boyfriend, DusanHalicky (Android)

This app helps you design your dream boyfriend as a simulation dating platform where you can do a lot of fun stuff like customizing his clothes, hairstyle, speech, facial features and more. So, go ahead and create something handsome yet intelligent just like your dream man which you have always wanted to have.

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10.    Fake Apps & Games’ Virtual Boyfriend Joke for Android

The purpose of this Virtual Boyfriend Joke app is to choose the man of your dream, and you can select the most suitable avatar and customize the personality as per your liking and date him as you like. All you need is to create your account, pick the most bright character as your virtual boyfriend and start chatting with him.

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Hope you like this comprehensive list of 10 virtual boyfriends’ apps designed and developed for both Android and iPhones. However, Android smartphones have more options compared to iPhones. In our opinion, you should try all these apps or at least the top 5 to pick the best as per your liking. Go ahead and download it – we are also waiting for your feedback on these apps.

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