Are You A Beginner Looking For Video Editing Software? We Have Got You Covered With These Simple Video Editing Softwares!


Videos are the most successful medium of content consumption and also the most shared one. In terms of business, video marketing is the most profitable and has the highest influential rate. It is reported that video has an influential rate of over 80%, which means, for every video you create for your brand or yourself, you could encourage 8 out of 10 people to know more about your content.

With the growth of social media applications like Youtube, Instagram, and Tik-Tok, video creation can make you famous and monetize your content. Now you must be thinking that if that’s true, how come everyone who posts a video doesn’t make a fortune out of it?

Well, the simple answer, let’s take the quote from the famous series, Mad Men, which was said by Don Draper, “Make it simple but significant.” This quote universally applies for everything, especially a creative one and, even more specifically, videos. The preference should be the quality of the video, from the quality of the story, narration to the quality of the image. If you can create a high-quality video, and keep creating it, you’re bound to get noticed and followed.

Now, let’s understand the process involved. Contrary to popular belief, video shooting is only the beginning of the process, and the final and the essential process is video editing. No, you don’t need expensive software and tools to do that, today, due to the ease and demand of video creation, there are many options available where one can use a free video editing software and still create the magic.

Here, we will be exploring four simple video editing softwares that are perfect for a beginner.

  • Joyoshare Media Cutter

It is an affordable and incredibly easy-to-use tool, an excellent option for a beginner as it allows you to edit audio and video files along with a few other prominent features. Joyoshare Media Cutter is an excellent choice as it is simple and won’t unnecessarily burden you with a lot of advanced features.

Unlike most of the video editing softwares, Joyoshare Media Cutter supports both Windows and Mac.

Features include –

  • Trimming of video and audio files
  • Converting video or audio into different formats
  • Removing Watermarks from the videos
  • Adding subtitles on your video to make it more accessible to your audience
  • Merging several videos clips

If you noticed, most of Joyoshare Media Cutter’s features are fundamental, and therefore, this software is a perfect solution for a beginner.

Price – Costs $29.95 to unlock all its features.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 –

Unlike the other softwares on the list, Adobe Premiere Elements has a reasonably high subscription price, but the reason it’s on the list is that you need to try it, even if it’s just for a 30 days trial version. Why? The features it has will give you a well-versed idea of how most of the editing softwares works. You can buy this as a single product or as a twin pack with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

There is a widespread belief that most of Adobe’s softwares is complicated and is only for professionals, but this one is a simpler version of Adobe Premiere Pro. Elements offer over 20 guided steps, like a walk-through for anyone trying to learn video editing. Furthermore, this software also offers three user levers – Quick, Guided, and Expert, to select your preferred level and work accordingly.

Has some essential features like –

  • Collage tools
  • Music scores
  • Themes
  • Animated objects
  • 3D motion
  • Time remapping
  • Motion tracking

Even though the software will come under the tag of expensive, a massive benefit of using it is the support you will have from the community of fellow learners.

Price – A one-time payment of $99.99 for the single product and $149.99 for the twin pack.

Note Currently, Adobe is offering this fantastic software at a 30% discount, so now might be a great time to get it. The discount price is $69.99, which makes it reasonably affordable since it’s a one-time investment.

  • VideoProc –

Digiatry’s VideoProc is an excellent choice if you’re on the initial stage of video editing. It has a 7-day free trial and is a paid software. But, the price is much lower and justified when you compare it with others in the market. The most beneficial point of this software is that it allows you to record, download, and convert your videos in addition to being proficient video editing software.

Even though the software is relatively simple to begin, the official website also offers a support section with detailed tutorials on video making and editing. One of the crucial benefits of using this software is that it allows several formats from multiple devices, so you don’t need to worry about converting your videos.

Some prominent features include –

  • Irrespective of whether you shoot your video from iPhone, Android, 4K DSLR or mirrorless camera, VideoProc supports them all. To be specific, Digiaty’s video editing software supports around 70 formats.
  • You can shoot videos of even 8K resolution. This is a notable feature since the majority of softwares is limited to 4K.
  • The export option allows you to share videos on social media sites easily.

Price – Starts at $29.95 for one year.

  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020

One of the best editing software with an affordable budget on the market is Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020. It has basic features and advanced ones, which means that once you are thorough with the basics, you can jump on to the sophisticated options to take your videos to the next level.

The most fascinating feature is the color grading option and the range of filters it offers. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the features –

  • The color grading option allows you to manage the highlights, low lights, or mid-tones in your video.
  • An advanced option of modifying a specific color without influencing the other scenes.
  • Allows you to create text masks so you can add captivating titles on your videos.
  • Elements like fadings, blur, or wipes can be done precisely in the specific spots you want to.
  • Corel’s video editing software supports screen recording features, which will allow you to create tutorials for your audience or understand and modify your techniques.

Price – A one-time investment of $54.99

That was our list of top 4 simple editing software for beginners. Video editing is a great and rather fun skill to have. Furthermore, it is in high demand, and as explained earlier, videos are the best way to share a message. Remember the famous quote, “A picture can speak a thousand words?” Well, imagine what a video can do!


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