Vaping in Dubai?- Severe Punishment awaits you!


Vaping is a growing industry worldwide. Vaping gadgets help you enjoy your smoking while letting you stay safe from the harmful effects that it may have on your health. However, there are some nations that have banned vaping gadgets. Dubai is one of such places where you face massive severe punishments if you are found selling vaping gadgets.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is a word for alternative smoking. By definition, it can be termed as the act of inhaling and exhaling the water vapor that is produced by an electronic gadget. The person indulging in the act of vaping is called a Vaper.

The vapor is the water in the gaseous form that the vaper inhales and exhales. It does not give out the bad odor. In most cases, it smells like fruit, candy, or mint depending on the flavoring agent used. This vapor is free of tobacco, and in many cases, it can even be nicotine free.

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In essence, Vaping is akin to smoking without tobacco. This will be the best means of staying away from the bad effects of tobacco – the bad breath, health hazards, and the other ill effects of smoking.

Vaping Gadgets and their popularity

The Vaping industry has been growing steadily grown over the years. More than nicotine and the addiction to it, it appears as if the concept has picked up more due to the variety of vaping gadgets that have been popular.

Vaping is not actually harmful. However, it should be the option for ex-smokers. If you do not smoke at all, we do not think there is any point in trying vaping. People have been trying to quit smoking, and the vaping industry has been cashing on it. The industry has seen enormous growth over the last couple of years. There have been several vaping gadgets like e-cigarettes, vape mod tanks, and other products that have become much popular over the years.

Vaping in Dubai

Well, if you are a vaper and are in Dubai, you are in for a shock. Vaping is illegal in the UAE. There is a ban on all vaping gadgets here.

Selling Vaping gadgets is not allowed in Dubai. If anyone is found selling them, severe punishment awaits them. The first time violators are warned and left – but not before confiscating all their products ( and destroying these products). If you indulge in the act once again, you can be fined to up to $136,000! Yes, you will be penalized for a fine of up to Dh500,000 for selling vaping gadgets.

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Not only that, but even the possession and use of vaping gadgets are also illegal in Dubai. If you are carrying a vaping gadget while traveling to Dubai, your vaping gadgets and the e-liquid can be seized at the airport.

Why such severe laws?

The authorities loosened the law in 2015 for a brief period, but later on in 2016 – the ban was put back in place by UAE Health and Prevention Ministry in 2016. It has more to do with the WHO standards. The tobacco control division of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) under WHO has advises member nations not to encourage low-risk nicotine alternative products.

What’s more, you pay fines progressively for each offense. So, if you are a habitual violator of vaping laws, you can end up going bankrupt.

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The laws are stringent against the shops that sell the products to minors or underages. There can be a severe penalty for the shop owner that may make him down the shutters.

In Conclusion

So, Dubai, being part of the UAE has stringent laws against vaping and allied products. If you are a vaper, we would advise you to stay away from your favorite vaping gadgets as long as you are in Dubai, lest you may be in trouble with the law of the land.