How to Use Fotojet Editor to Modify Your Photo into Art Work


Fotojet is one of the best tools out there in the market for Collage making, Graphic Designing and also Editing images. So, here we present the detailed guide on How to Use Fotojet Editor to Modify Your Photo into Art Work

Step By Step Guide on How to use FotoJet Editor

The photo editor is newly added to FotoJet, the model is much more powerful than its collage maker and photo designer. It can make up for those shortages that made when you take your photos, at the same time it can make your photos look more than beautify and help you look professional, even you are not a professional graphic artist.

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You can use FotoJet editor to do many things, such as give your photo some basic and advanced edit change, add beautiful and splendid effect to your photo, use text and clipart to beautify your photo, what was more, add a dreamful overlay and wonderful frame to modify your photo. Now, let us have a detailed try of this amazing and customer-friendly graphics tool.

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Open and you will see three parts of FotoJet, they are collage maker, photo designer, and photo editor. Just click the one you need to use. Then you can get started to make your artworks. Let us click edit mode to start to edit the photo.

Now you can open your photo and edit it, there are two ways for you to open your photo, you can upload your photo from Facebook or from your computer just by clicking the Open button on the top bar and choose the way you want to upload a photo. Here are three sample images, you are allowed to play with them before you open yours.

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At this time, we can give the photo some easy edit. First, you can use some basic options belong to the basic function list, such as crop, resize, rotate and etc, what I have to say is that you cannot miss the Auto enhance button on the top of the options list, this is very powerful and you can finish it just by one click. Second, below basic options, there are a lot of advanced options, like noise, focus, color splash, and so on. All these options can be finished just by a few clicks and drag and they can help you make your photo become very pretty. Just try them out and enjoy your edit.

Then, you can add an effect to your photo. FotoJet editor provides plenty of effects for you to use. There are black & white, sepia, vintage, chromatic, lomo, old photo, and scene. All of them are very popular. You can apply any one of them, just by click the one you like most after you have a quick preview of all. Also, you can adjust its intensity to make the effect suitable for your photo.

You can add text and clipart to modify the photo. Move your mouse to Text and Clipart one by one. There are many kinds of text and clipart you can use, and you are still allowed to adjust text and clipart size, color, position, and so on. For text, you can add an outline and glow to make it much more splendid. At the same time, you can change text and clipart opacity to make them become watermarks if you need, and just drag the opacity bar is enough.

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The editor offers overlays for users to use, these overlays can make your photos look dreamful and wonderful. They are divided into several 12 categories, such as light-trail, cute, montage, paper, fabric, and so on. Just click the overlay you prefer after a quick preview of these overlays. You can drag the overlay to move its position, and you can change its intensity and blend mode, there are a few blend modes, as a screen, multiply and darken. They will give the overlay another effect. You can adjust its intensity too.

Last but not the least, add a frame to your photo. There are shadow frames, Polaroid frames, edge frames, and on and on. You can use any of them, and you can change its thinness, color as well as its background color. You can try someones you think will fit your photo before you make a decision about which one exactly you want to use. Come on and do not hesitate to have a try.

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Do you love these options? If you like, what are you waiting for now?


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