Best Xbox One Games You Will Enjoy


A list of best Upcoming Xbox One Games is here. If you are planning to buy the new Xbox One then you should try out these games. These games are different in configuration but none of them will ruin your gaming experience. This list consists of the most exclusive upcoming Xbox One Games which you can’t find on any other gaming console.

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The list for the Best Xbox One Games goes here


If you love to play shooter games then this game is for you. It’s basically a first-person shooting game. Halo 5 Guardians are the best deal for Microsoft. We found this much of info yet but we can say Halo 5 Guardians is going to be a big hit.


If you love puzzle-solving games then “Inside” would be the best game for you. This game looks very gloomy and gorgeous. This game is the same as its predecessor but here other people also populate the game. Plenty of environmental puzzles available which you make you scratch your head until you find a successful solution to it.


As we all know Capybara Games is the most creative team of developers. They really developed many creative games like Might and Magic, Clash of Heros, Superbrothers, and Super Time Force. We can expect “Below” to be also the same as these. This new game stars a small hero in a very huge and enormous island. The biggest disadvantage while playing this game is that you will have to start the game from the beginning if you perish. So this can be the reason to lose potential customers.


If you love to play games like Max Payne and Alan Wake then here is another game for you by the same developers. It’s a live-action game and the scenes presented in front of you will depend on the choices you make while playing the game. It will come somewhere in the middle of next year.

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Gears of War 4

This game is a tribute for GOW 3 lovers. We do not know much about this game but we can say this game will be a big deal for Microsoft and will increase the same of Xbox One.

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So here is the list of games that would provide you entertainment in the coming months in Xbox games. Share this article on social networking sites. If you have an amazing list of Xbox games that you want others to try out, mention them below in the comments.


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