iPhone 6s 3D Touch that you can ON and OFF


iPhone 6s is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Many people did many mischievous things to get this phone. After looking at iPhone 6s, we can say that Apple has improved its devices to a lot extent. Apple’s technology is far beyond the technology when compared with other smartphones.

As we all know, Apple introduced iPhone 6s with many new and unique features. The iOS 9 powered iPhone 6s is really an awesome smartphone. Many people tried waterproofing tests as well and they succeed in that.

Another important and unique feature of this phone is the 3D touch. 3D touch is a feature that senses the pressure the user applying on the screen to operate and it works according to that. This new feature allows the user to perform many operations without opening the app.

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Many people use this feature but, most of the user doesn’t find it easier to use and hence they feel this feature as a hectic problem. But they shouldn’t worry about it because there is an option available to ON and OFF. You can even customize the sensitivity of this 3D touch, by default the sensitivity of this feature is set to medium.

Follow the steps given below

  1. Go to settings and then tap on General
  2. Then go to Accessibility and then scroll down to 3D Touch and tap on it
  3. Then you can make your selection and you can even turn this feature OFF.

Apple is working hard in making its devices easier to use and add full security to it. Their technology of the product is far beyond its competitors. This new 3D touch feature proves it. Siri is yet another feature that is improved a lot. using this, one can operate their iPhone without even touching it. so let’s see what more we get the upcoming iPhone 7 and future generations. We hope to see better improvements from Apple.


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