Transformers Game: Earth Wars make it to Smartphones


Transformers our very own fantasy comics is finally coming to mobile handsets. The Transformers game has launched on June 2nd for ios and Android devices in the play stores. Transformers has always had a huge fan base that includes kids youngsters and adults as well. Well, the new news is as exciting as it can get and people are drooling over this new game.

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There have been four movie releases on the Transformers fiction and more than two PC games for enthusiasts in the past. But this new edition of mobile games has surely brought joy to the fans.

The game has sharp graphics that looks like the game is set back in the 80s but voiceovers by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker for the role of Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively. Things seem to be quite hot and the starts off with an excellent introductory video of Optimus getting ready for his battle.

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The transformer game is more of a strategy based working and then following up attacks and is said to be similar to clash of clans. Anyway launching a mobile-based game is a great step and this will revive the franchise once again.

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The game is entirely free to use and no hidden costs whatsoever. The game had already seen thousands of downloads since its release four days ago. There have been anticipations about this game to be launched later this year, but the company has surprised us by launching it right in Junes start.


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