Transfer Big Files Quickly between PC and Phone

Pushbullet is a company that has developed a new app named Portal. This new app is developed so that the user can transfer big files quickly from PC to Phone. This new app concentrates only on the file transfer. This app is launched firstly for Android platform, so android users can now transfer big files between PC and Phone very easily and with great speed.

How this app transfer big files?

This company’s flagship app also supports file transfers but the difference is that, Portal uses your Wi-Fi network in order to transfer big files, that means your PC and Phone should be connected to the Wi-Fi network at the time of transferring the files. Though pushbullet doesn’t have this limitation but still Portal is the better app for file transfers because it can handle multiple files as well.

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The principle that it follows

Transferring the files from PC to Phone or vice versa using Portal is quick because it does not follow any uploading or downloading method. This feature makes this app the better one. You can transfer as many files you want.

How to transfer big files from PC to phone?

In order to get started, just download the Portal app from Play store and then visit using your android phone and then scan the QR code that is displayed on the website so that to connect the two devices. Now simply drag the files to the browser and it’s done, your file is transferred. You dont have to spend your mobile data because it uses wi-fi in order to transfer the data. even if it is 1 GB, this app will be able to easily transfer the data from PC to phone or vice versa.

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There are many other apps but you must try this app as this app is a lot more easy than others.

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